The Eclipse

Crazy Time in California

Following the battle with the Monterrangutan, the heroes of the Eclipse spent 2 days healing their wounds and continuing cleanup and rescue work in Monterrey. Suddenly, all received an urgent message on their wrist communicators from Amber. An unknown supervillain was wreaking havoc at the Taste of San Francisco street carnival.

Photon Wave, the Valkyrie, the Messenger, Iron Wind, and the White Fist all responded to the call. On the way to San Francisco, the heroes learn through the newscast that the villain is the San FranPsycho.

As the heroes arrived on the scene, the Psycho was immediately attacked by the White Fist and Iron Wind. The Psycho let off an incredible mental blast that reduced Iron Wind to unconsciousness. The Valkyrie immediately revived her to consciousness using Curtana – but the armored maiden was fated to fare poorly in the battle as the Psycho transmutated her into a large stalk of corn!

The rest of the heroes immediately pummeled the Psycho, but were then surprised to be confronted with 10 members of the California Republic – each armed with large guns shooting Power Blasts. The CalRep agents began firing at both the heroes and the Psycho.

Between the attacks from both fronts, the Psycho was quickly defeated and three CalRep agents immediately grabbed him. The White Fist also grabbed the villain and telekinetically lifted the group into the air. 2 of the CalRep agents fell off, but White Fist had to kick the third one off. Unfortunately, when they saw the hero leaving with their target, the entire CalRep squad opened fire on White Fist knocking him out as well. Fortunately for him, the Messenger saw his dilemma and caught both the unconscious hero and villain before they fell. Evading CalRep fire, the Messenger quickly left the field of battle with his burden.

White Fist, who had regenerated, took the Psycho into custody and the Messenger returned to the battle where he found the Valkyrie unconscious from multiple attacks, Photon Wave circling back from around the rear of a building, and Iron Wind still a stalk of corn. There were also three CalRep agents assisting the escape of 3 other CalRep agents that had been blinded by Photon Wave’s blinding flash.

Between the two of them, the Messenger and Photon Wave were able to capture one CalRep agent and two of their unusual weapons. The remainder of the foes had disappeared into the city.

MEDUSA agents quickly rolled in following the completion of the battle to take the CalRep agent and the weapons into custody. Seeing a potential connection between a terrorist organization striving for an independent California and a supervillain demanding California by extortion, the members of the Eclipse joined Agent Kyle Michaels at the local MEDUSA office to interrogate the prisoner and examine the weapons.

Photon Wave joined the scientists in the lab looking over the weapons and discovered that the guns have barcodes and serial numbers! (Is this perhaps in indication that TECH is supplying the California Republic???)

The Messenger assisted in the interrogation of the agent (after stopping physical abuses on the part of MEDUSA interrogators). He learns that this was a quickly planned attack after news reports indicated that the Psycho had escaped. They were tasked with capturing the Psycho and returning him to their base for ‘recruitment’. The weapons are new arrivals to the arsenal. They had been ordered after the previous encounter with the Eclipse shoed that their weaponry was insufficient to challenge the heroes.

They learned the Location of the CalRep desert base and that there are typically 20-30 men present in the base. They also learned that there is an escape tunnel that lets out into the desert that is undetectable under the covering of the sand.

Almost as an afterthought, the White Fist asked if there are any metahumans at the base. The captive agent described six metahumans:

The Countess: the head of the installation
Magnus (When asked, why is he called Magnus, the agent replied that he said the voice told him to call himself that…)
Blok: head of discipline – the agent was obviously afraid of Blok



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