The Eclipse

Flower Power Takes a Beating

Flower Power and the Messenger arrive back to the rest of the group at the FORCE base. They report that the battles at the outskirts of the base are with two different groups. The battle at the front gates is between the AMEA forces and a small army of bio-androids. The battle at the sea approach to the base is between flying bio-androids along with anti-aircraft emplacements and an unknown force piloting what looks like spaceships.

Surge returns from his scouting and is happy to see Flower Power as he can only communicate telepathically while in his astral form. He warns the Eclipse that an enemy force is approaching and that they should get ready.

Still Hammer bathes the hallway on darkness as the doors at the far end of the hall burst open. The heroes prepare and engage Lupus, Tim, Deflector, and three gun toting men in battle. After 90 seconds of intense fighting, all of the supervillains are unconscious (Deflector was badly hurt by an arcing power surge from his deflection field projector following a critical strike from Still Hammer) along with two of the security guards (the third surrendered) and Flower Power.

The villains concentrated all of their attacks on Flower Power – it seems that they had instructions that they were obligated to follow…

After regenerating a bit, Flower Power and the Messenger take the captives to the Starbucks.

Surge reports that during his scouting, he saw that the remaining forces in the base are loading a rail car in an apparent attempt to escape. He also reports that he saw Doctor Mayfair in a white costume with a stylized ‘F’ barking instructions to the others.



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