The Eclipse

Giants... we had to follow up on the Giants...

Days 1-3 in the Reign of Photon Wave

Meanwhile… The Messenger andIron Wind fly to San Francisco where they encounter Kiloton – a 27’ tall bald giant with a HUGE laser cannon – rampaging through the city.

The pair engage the giant in battle and luck was with them as Kiloton was only able to land one crushing blow on the Messenger (after he corrected his golf swing for a baseball swing!) and a few weaker shots on Iron Wind before they were able to take him down.
MEDUSA agents swarm in to contain the situation. To their surprise, neither hero is able to budge the giant cannon! Heavy Duty cranes are found, and the weapon is sent to GEMINI for investigation.

Later that day, the heroes of the Eclipse meet with Agent Michaels to discuss the current issues facing the team including FORCE, SWORD, Doctor DNA and the bank robbers, the giant, the electronics company robbery, and the influence of the Pinyin family among others.

Michaels tells the heroes that Pit Boss and Masterini were at the old MEDUSA headquarters investigating the cell where Doctor Apocalypse was held. He also tells them that Kiloton’s trail of destruction led back into the ocean.

Surge tracks Kiloton’s trail of destruction into the ocean, but quickly loses the trail underwater.

Photon Wave and Agent Pillach set up a series of programs to search news outlets for keywords to set up an alert system for the heroes.

The next day, Photon Wave takes over as leader for his 1 week trial period.
Surge and the Messenger continue to search the ocean for signs of where Kiloton came from, but are unable to make any headway.

The Mayor of San Francisco calls. In gratitude for the victory of the previous day and other services, the city would like to honor the Eclipse with a key to the city. The San Francisco Giants have offered to host an Eclipse day at the ballpark for this purpose to be held in 2 days. The heroes accept.

The next day, Photon Wave sends Surge to search the Pinyin Properties metal shop where Iron Wind gets help with her armor repairs. Surge finds a storage room with several hundred suits of the armor in crates. He also finds a training facility underneath the metal works where Asian men are training in the use of the armor.

Meanwhile, the Messenger makes a side trip to Greece – specifically to the Oracle at Delphi. While meditating he experiences a dreamlike vision in which a cowled figure approaches him and offers benediction. He accepts and as the figure touches his head, the Messenger feels as if his head explodes. For an instant, he feels his consciousness stretched beyond the bounds of infinity. He then finds himself alone in his meditative position. Searching the mainland, he discovers no one that can connect his experience to anything related to Greek mythology.

The fledgling alert system delivers a Priority alert – A giant nearly identical to Kiloton has attacked Tokyo but was forced to retreat by a local hero group.

The team contacts the Japanese hero group and gets MEDUSA to coordinate with other coastal cities to be on the lookout for additional attacks.

Photon Wave calls Dr. Daniels at GEMINI and sets up an appointment for the following day.

The messenger returns to Greece and meditates on Mt Olympus.

The next morning, the team receives another Priority Alert from Brisbane, Australia. Another giant has attacked, but due to the warning, local heroes were able to drive it back into ocean before it could do any serious damage.

Using the three data points from the attacks, Photon Wave triangulates a location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Messenger and Surge go to check out the triangulated location.

At breakfast, Flower Power ‘listens’ to the head of the Pinyin breakfast group – to her surprise, despite his gracious exterior, he holds the heroes in a degree of contempt.

Photon Wave, Valkyrie, and Still Hammer go to GEMINI to meet with Dr. Daniels. Once they explain the circumstances behind the giant attacks and the triangulation, Dr. Daniels enters all of the pertinent data into his PC and almost immediately gets an alert.

Daniels takes the trio to meet Doctor Samuel Davis (astrophysicist) and explains that their systems are all networked to cross check unrelated departments for identical variables – in this case, the coordinates that Photon Wave supplied were also entered into the system by Dr. Davis on an unrelated matter. Dr. Davis reveals that the coordinates coincide with an unidentified meteor that splashed into the ocean several days ago.

While diving on the site, the Messenger and Surge come under laser cannon fire from below and flee

Surge goes back down under cover of darkness and discovers a large spaceship. When he attempts to enter the ship via the astral plane, he bounces off.

Photon Wave reports their findings to Michaels and discusses the potential complications of the ship being in international waters.

Later that night, the heroes go to the ballgame where they enjoy VIP treatment. Bobbleheads of Iron Wind and the Messenger are distributed to the kids in attendance; Iron Wind throws out the first pitch (with an assist by Still Hammer) to the Messenger; they enjoy the owner’s luxury suite; and they sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch.

Then, after the game, they mill about the concourse greeting the fans, signing autographs, and taking pictures when a small stampede of fans erupts from the back of the stadium. People are screaming that metahumans are attacking normal people!



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