The Eclipse

I thought we were done with this guy...

Following the battle with Doctor Apocalypse, Flower Power gathers up the small boy found at the battle site and goes with him to the hospital. More than one hero realizes that her owl is nowhere to be seen.

The rest of the heroes return to the Oberon Building to recover from the fight. They do more research on BIO-Deen and meet a GEMINI geneticist named Dr. Abe Jenson. What they learn is thatthe company is not only secretive and paranoid, they are also guarded by an army of lawyers who restrict information through the use of strict Non-Disclosure Agreements. They decide that the only way to get information about the facility is to sneak in… and unfotunately, this team is not very adept at covert operations.

Iron Wind revisits her friends at the metal shop at Pinyin Properties where she again gets her armor repaired. While there, the shop is visited by the CEO and patriarch Lee Sung Pinyin.

Another day passes and the heroes dither over how to address the assignemnt they have been given by Crimson when they all receive a distress call from Agent Michaels saying that the MEDUSA detention building is under attack. The Eclipse immediately make their way to the MEDUSA building, but see no sign of an attack outside. They burst into the building and are immediately confronted by a group of seven demons that are in the process of consuming a meal of recently killed MEDUSA agents.

The Eclipse makes short work of the demons – exhibiting excellent teamwork against a giant one with ice powers – and are then immediately confronted by 45 more demons. These demons are all small and imp-like and the heroes are able to make short work of them. They work their way into the complex and encounter another group of demons battling four MEDUSA agents. These demons are bigger and stronger than the others that the heroes have fought, but they still prove no match for the heroes’ might.

One of the MEDUSA agents tells the heroes that the demons are all coming from Doctor Apocalypse’s cell. It seems that the Doctor’s willpower ability is necessary to keep the portal to the demon world closed – and the Neural Dampener has nullified the Doctor’s abilty to keep the demons out. The agent guides the heroes to the cell.

Inside Apocalyse’s cell, the Eclipse finds a large demon surrounded by 5 smaller, winged glowing demons standing over the body of Doctor Apocalypse. The large demon’s hand is resting on the gem. The heroes quickly discover two things – first, the five glowing demons serve to defend the large demon and they have to eliminate them first — and second, the large demon can pull additional demon’s from the gem!

A titanic battle erupts and ends with the heroes standing battered above the unconscious form of Doctor Apocalypse facing the dilemma of what to do next…



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