The Eclipse

Just Let Us Get Some Rest Already!

and... Back to Beaumont!

The heroes of the Eclipse stand over the body of Doctor Apocalypse and debate what their next course of action is. Should they attempt to remove the gem, destroy it (and possibly the Doctor too), or leave it where it is? The Messenger grabs the gem to see if it is embedded into the skull or if it is on the surface of his skin when he starts to pull on it. Flower Power breaks his grip on the gem and the hero shrugs off the vestiges of external control.

While they debate, they hear several odd noises coming from the hallway – investigation of the hallway reveals nothing out of the ordinary – but suddenly bursting from one of the cell doors comes Bounceback, Windshear, Dwarf Star, and Magnus (who is wearing a snazzy new suit!).

Battle between the groups is quickly joined. The Messenger attempts to leave with Apocalypse’s body, but at the last second realizes that the exit door is blocked by a shimmering ebon curtain. Correctly surmising that the curtain is a portal to some unknown place, he stays with the Doctor in the hallway (dodging other portals as he navigates the battle).
The battle is not going well for the exhausted heroes – and then gets worse as continuing sounds from another cell turn out to be the sounds of Echo freeing Blok from the ball of metal. As the two bruisers join the fight, the Eclipse seems doomed.

Finally, forced to join the fight, the Messenger sets Apocalypse’s body on the floor. Another portal opens beneath the Doctor and his body disappears. The remaining villains exit through the various portals and the portals slam shut. When the dust clears, all of the villains are gone except for the unconscious form of Magnus. They assist in the cleanup of demonic forces in the MEDUSA HQ – assisted by Agent Michaels who is found alive and battling demons in his weaponized wheelchair.

The Eclipse uses the next few days for rest and recuperation. Iron Wind utilizes the Pinyin Properties metal working division to repair her armor, and Still Hammer continues his research into Aztec rituals searching for a clue to his past. During his research, he discovers that an archaeologist that is an expert in the Aztec culture is currently lecturing at Pacifico University. He arranges to meet with the expert, a Doctor Mark Cullins.
Doctor Cullins is very open to meeting with the hero and spends significant time with Still hammer over the course of the next couple of days. Cullins also introduces the hero to the other members of the lecture team: Archeologist Doctor Armand Craver, Egyptologist Doctor Ella Sabin, Marine Biologist Doctor Ronald Britch, and Pacifico University Professor (and Archaeologist) Doctor Donald Raglan.

It is during this idyllic period that the team receives a call from Mister Crimson who demands an update on their search for Doctor Orson Mayfair. Not having anything to report irritates the AMEA man and he threatens that they had better come up with the information.
The heroes return to Beaumont. FireBug and Iron Wind (in civilian disguise) explore the forested area around the BIO-Deen campus looking for a vantage point from which to watch the access road so that they can identify Dr. Mayfair as he enters or exits the facility. As they approach the campus, they are greeted telepathically and are warned that they are trespassing on private property and that they should leave immediately. They test the telepath to make certain that they are dealing with a living being and not some kind of machine and they retreat from the area. The pair then return to the area with the idea of blocking the access road with a small tree – but are warned back again by the telepath. Furthermore, they are warned that they are now being watched – and they quickly notice a winged form above them. They return to the town – followed all of the way by the winged form.

The remaining members of the Eclipse case town looking for a reaction from the citizenry. Photon Wave, the Valkyrie, Still Hammer, and Flower Power all enter the town as civilians. The Messenger enters separately in Superhero Garb.

The heroes go from establishment to establishment asking questions until finally, the Sheriff approaches them and intimates that they should perhaps move on. The Sheriff follows them to subsequent establishments. Still Hammer decides to test the Sheriff and he breaks off apart from the group and enters a different bar. Shortly after he arrives, a Deputy Sheriff joins him. Getting frustrated with the rigmarole, Still Hammer makes it appear that the lights have gone out… several times. After dismissing the darkness, the Deputy takes a good look at his face and recognizes him as a superhero. He then leaves the bar informing the Sheriff of the identity of the hero.

The Sheriff gets the message and then is able to recognize the heroes as the Eclipse. He lets them know that they are recognized and leaves. About this time Firebug and Iron Wind return to the city with their shadow in tow. The Messenger flies up to meet the flying form and discovers him to be a metahuman in private employ of BioDeen. He calls himself Raptor. After a brief conversation, they part ways.

Finally fed up with the small town ways of Beaumont, the Eclipse returns to Pacifico.



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