The Eclipse

Made to Feel Unwelcome at Church

Exit of the Insect

The heroes of the Eclipse debate on how best to discover if Doctor Orson Mayfair is at the Church compound.

The Messenger calls Agent Michaels to see about a getting warrant to search the church compound. Michaels says that it could take 2-3 days to go through official channels – and that asking Crimson for it would be faster.

Firebug talks Iron Wind into posing as disillusioned metahumans looking to join the ‘Religious Organization’ (CULT!). They fly toward the compound with Photon Wave and the Valkyrie trailing behind in one of their cars to be onsite in the event that the pair needs help getting out of the compound

Disciple Aaron Cowler returns the Messenger’s earlier call to the compound. The two set a meeting for early that afternoon at the Oberon Building.

Halfway to the complex, Iron Wind suddenly realizes that Firebug has no intention of leaving the cult once he is inside. She orders him to the ground and waits for the others to catch up so they can revisit the plan. They opt to wait where they are until after Messenger’s meeting with Cowler.

Messenger practices for the meeting going over his expected questions and responses. He uses Amber to monitor the meeting to discover any attempts of mind control or other influence by Cowler.

Disciple Cowler meets with Messenger. He states that he is familiar with the Doctor, but does not know where he is at present. He offers to set up a meeting that afternoon with Reverend Kinkaid if that would be helpful. The Messenger accepts and alerts the rest of the team.

The Eclipse meets at the gate to the compound. After identifying themselves, they are met by Initiate Timothy Clarke. He escorts them to the central compound in a unique vehicle – a floating tube similar to a subway car. It appears to utilize technology similar to maglev, but there are no rails or other guides. Photon Wave is especially interested in the technology.

On the trip to the compound’s center, they do see evidence of significant development hidden under the canopy.

They meet with Reverend Kinkaid (escorted by two bodyguards) in the main building. After pleasantries, he tells the heroes that Mayfair was granted use of his yacht (Mount Sinai) for personal reasons. Mayfair is not a member of the Church, but rather an old personal friend.

As heroes are escorted back to the vehicle, they are ambushed in the central compound by Tim, the bodyguards, and several invisible or hard to see opponents. The cultists are joined by several of the armored troops that attacked the heroes at the Oberon Building a week prior.

Firebug attempts to move the Reverend out of harm’s way, but is encased in ice. Kinkaid spends the battle in a state of near-immobility on the periphery of the fight.

The heroes are able to identify Tim, the bodyguards (Comet and Lupus), and the minuscule Hummingbird. They are unable to find or identify at least three other combatants.

Taking significant damage, the heroes are forced to flee. Firebug avoids the grasp of the Messenger and opts to remain behind. The heroes feel that the former juvenile delinquent is lost to them.

Upon their return to the Oberon Building, they discover that a warrant for a search of the compound had arrived that afternoon from Crimson.

Agent Michaels is called to see if MEDUSA can track down Kinkaid’s boat.



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