The Eclipse

Not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to go to the tropics...

Feeling more confident after their rest, the heroes of the Eclipse decide to take the advice of Flower Power and fly to the top of the hill where she indicates their equipment can be found in a large mansion. Photon Wave and the Valkyrie volunteer to stay in their hiding place to guard the two prisoners (Old Sparky and Magnus).
Reaching the top of the hill, the heroes do find a large mansion, and indeed, the term ‘large’ is an understatement – the doorways are 9’ tall!
Also, from the height of the top of the hill, the heroes can see that they are indeed on an island. The island is roughly kidney-shaped with two large hills. Both hills have what appear to be mansions atop them. The island is also ringed by no fewer than 6 defensive missile launchers. A smaller island lies off to the south.
They quickly perform a search of the ground floor of the mansion looking for their equipment and are surprised in a large gymnasium by a trio of villains: Blok, Rumble, and Dwarf Star. To add insult to injury, Rumble is using Photon Wave’s Devitalization Ray and Force Field generator, Dwarf Star is carrying the Valkyrie’s Shield, and Blok is wielding Curtana.
Rumble and Blok immediately converge their attacks on the White Fist dropping the hero to unconsciousness and near-death! Dwarf Star unsuccessfully attempts to pin Iron Wind to the ground using her gravity projector.
Still Hammer encases himself and Dwarf Star in darkness where the two battle ineffectively against each other. Several times the villainess escaped the darkness, but the hero immediately reshaped the darkness to re-encompass her.
The other heroes combine their attacks to take Rumble and the devitalization ray out of the fight and then combine their attacks against Blok reducing him to unconsciousness and causing Curtana to drop from the villain’s grasp.
Still Hammer drops the darkness so that the team can battle Dwarf Star as one, but the heroes are surprised to see Blok stand right back up again.
Still Hammer reestablishes the darkness around himself and Dwarf Star – but not before she is able to finally pin Iron Wind to the ground using gravity control. The Messenger and Flower Power battle Blok, but it becomes rapidly aware to the heroes that in order to defeat the villain, they will have to kill him as he seems willing to fight beyond exhaustion.
The Messenger quickly gathers Curtana and Photon Wave’s equipment along with the pinned Iron Wind and announces that it is time to leave. Still Hammer plunges the entire room into darkness except a small tunnel to the exit and the heroes successfully make their exit from the mansion returning to their hiding place in the storage sheds.
After a brief period of rest, the heroes again opt to leave for another try at their gear, but are discovered upon exiting the hiding place by a search party – the 9’ tall Fracture and the Sandblaster. The White Fist and Sandblaster trade a few blows (with the Sandblaster getting the worst of it) and the villain decides that it is time to ‘run for help’ and he takes off at high speed. The White Fist chases him down and knocks him out, but not before the villain is able to call for help.
Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes discover that Fracture is very difficult to land a blow on, so the heroes decide that retreat is the best option again. Picking up their slower members and their captives, the Eclipse takes off at high speed following White Fist leaving Fracture behind.
As the group catches up to White Fist, they are attacked from above by the disintegration ray of Windshear, but the villainess is no match for the combined might of the Eclipse and she is quickly reduced to unconsciousness and captured.
Not wanting to give Fracture a chance to catch up to them, the heroes decide to fly to the southern island to find a new place to hide. They discover that the island is a recreational complex with tennis courts, swimming pools, and rock climbing among other amenities. The hill on this island is rocky and craggy… perfect for finding nooks and crannies to hide in (especially when multiple heroes can use darkness control to increase the density of the shadows).



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