The Eclipse

Puny Gods

True to form, the heroes of the Eclipse debated for some time before deciding to hop through time. The ultimate decision was to try to arrive at a point in time prior to the final battle and eliminate the gods before they can have an effect on the time stream.

After a few jumps to narrow down their date range, the group picked a date and set out. They were able to identify the main temple from a distance and flew in quickly to catch the Aztecs by surprise.

An amazingly brief fight ensued with titanic blows from the heroes shredding the Aztec’s defenses.

When the dust settled, the two gods along with Toa Culcum and a dozen Aztec warriors were lying unconscious.

Necalli opened up a psychic switchboard and announced that the battle between the Aztecs and the Spaniards is being joined – surprisingly, the Aztecs are issuing forth from the city to attack the entrenched Spanish forces…

And there is still the question about what to do with the unconscious gods…



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