The Eclipse

Rats and Cats - staC dna staR

The members of the Eclipse concentrated their attack on Palindrome’s giant Rat. The heroes were disgusted to find that the ooze on the Rat flew off with every impact – covering them with a resrictive goo. Banding their efforts together, the heroes eventually managed to defeat the beast.

As the last blow landed, the rat began to glow with a golden light. The giant rat shrunk down to the size of a normal sewer rat and the ooze faded away to nothing. The only other relic of the encounter is the giant collar that had been worn by the rat.

Reading the collar, the heroes find the following inscription: “Senile Felines”

Immediately recognizing the palindrome, the heroes immediately ran to the Cat exhibit where they discovered a group of eight jungle cats with a faint glowing aura menacing a group of a dozen civilians.

Already tired from the earlier battle against the Rat, the heroes bravely waded into a protracted combat. The heroes manage to defeat the cats (returning them to their prior un-modified state), but two of the civilians were not fortunate – suffering injuries that required hospitalization.

The remaining civilians are all rescued without injury. The survivors include a prominant Pacifico businessman and his family — Lee Zhu Pinyin



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