The Eclipse

The Battle with FORCE is Joined

The heroes officially enroll Surge as a probationary member and begin to plan their assault on the Washington FORCE base.

Surge mentions that when he leaves his body using astral projection, his physical body appears to be in a coma-like state. He suggests that perhaps Necalli is not recovering because he is no currently present in his body for some reason.

Crimson comes through with the necessary warrant and federal authority for the attack. The heroes plan to fly commercial, but are diverted at the airport onto a private AMEA military-style transport.

Looking at the satellite photos of the base, the heroes fly in from the land-side of the base skimming the tree tops to avoid detection. During their flight, they hear the sounds of battle coming from both the front gates of the compound and the sea approach to the compound.

They quickly arrive at the bunker doors that lead to the FORCE base where they surprise Comet, Hummingbird, and Figment along with a few shock troops. The heroes quickly dispatch Comet and Hummingbird. They also discover that the shock troops are bio-androids and that when they are incapacitated, they devolve into a puddle of goop and electrical components. Figment manages to escape invisibly.

Photon Wave takes Comet’s hand and places it on the biometric scanner on the bunker causing the doors to open. The heroes enter the bunker while the Messenger flies the two captives to the nearest official law enforcement group available – the Starbucks in Seattle. Cadet accepts the villains into custody, although he seems confused as to what the Eclipse is doing in their jurisdiction.



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