The Eclipse

Welcome Back to the City

A Hero Falls

Jetting back to Pacifico, the heroes of the Eclipse quickly do battle with several groups of Guardian robots – defeating them easily.

The battles in the street lead to a climactic fight with Fracture and a half dozen Guardians. The heroes again easily defeat the robots, but the might of Fracture appears to be too much for the assembled heroes to overcome. The darkest moment comes when with one tremendous blow, Fracture crushes the White Fist ending the hero’s life.

As the giant appears to be ready to crush the rest if the exhausted heroes, a spectacular Duesenburg roars into the street and three members of the Paragon Society jump out to join in the fight. Agent Alpha takes to the sky and peppers the villain with his disintigration ray while Pandora Chase and the Red Fedora use their Hellpistols.

The joint efforts of the two hero groups successfully defeat the villain. Rescue crews take over and the heroes split up between helping with damage control and a quick trip to the hospital for themselves.

Among the significant damage done to the city, the heroes discover that their headquarters was burned to the ground. The members of the paragon Society invite the members of the Eclipse to stay temporarily in their elegant headquarters.

Over the next 24 hours, MEDUSA informs the heroes that the Island Base of Doctor Apocalypse appears to have disappeared on the satellite images… the recreation island appears to still be there (with its air defense systems) but the main island is gone.

MEDUSA also reports that the Countess staged an escape from the USN Idaho using her mind control power. She escaped using the dimension travel power of Rumble along with Magnus, Sandblaster, Echo, and Windshear.

The next day, Lee Sung Pinyin visits the heroes and offers them permanent headquarters. He escorts them to the Oberon Building where he offers them floors 56-58 along with the roof access. The space has all of the amenities that the heroes have hoped for — including bunks that align the body’s rhythems to aid in the healing process.

Another trouble alert comes in regarding costumed individuals attacking the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank. The heroes of the Eclipse arrive to find a dozen desert-theme costumed villains attacking the bankk being led by a park ranger. In a matter of minutes, the heroes defeat the majority of the villains when the alarm goes off inside the bank.

The Messenger enters the bank and meets another supervillain exiting the vault. After a brief battle with Death Valley, the villain explodes into a cloud of Borax and vanishes.

A search of the captured villains outside of the bank reveal a business card for — a website that proves to be a site where villains can hire themed henchmen for their criminal enterprises.



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