Longhorn "Tex"

Bryan Campbell

  • Force Field
  • Invulnerability
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Psionic Mind Blast

Diminished Hearing – vulnerable to sonic attacks


Jake Lonergan like may others of his age, quickly joined up in them Military in WW2 in 1942. He joined the infantry in the Army and helped storm the beaches of Normandy, 6 June 1944. Served his country well and came home when the war ended. Towards the end of his career in the Army, he was in the Military Police. He continued to use that knowledge when he came back home to Texas and joined the local Sheriff’s department. He worked his way up and soon was offered a job with the Texas Rangers. He spent the majority of his time patrolling the large open areas of Texas on horseback with several other Rangers.

They came accross a small town out in the wilderness of Texas, just off a main highway, looking for a fugitive. What transpired in that town was never recorded. And the Rangers that were there with Jake “Longhorn” Lonergan never spoke of it often. The town experienced lights in the sky. They did indeed capture the fugitive but they left with one of their numbers missing — Jake. He disappeared in that town. It was like he vanished from the planet on July 5th 1950.

The lights in the sky once again appeared on July 5th, 2012, Jake “Longhorn” Lonergan arrived in that small town in Texas. He was dressed in the same clothes and never aged since he left. But the world around him did and any of the people he knew, were long gone. 62 years of his life is gone. On his wrist is an alien metalic band and he soon discovered that he can look at things and can comprehend them in a higher level. The item seemed to be tied to his inner abilites as he’s able to blast things from his fists, Simple bullets seemed to bounce off of his body with no harm and, with some thought, he can project a force field to shield himself from any type of damage he can imagine. He met a local Indian friend named Suta who helped the out of place Longhorn to adjust to society again and help him re discover again whom he was.

As ‘Longhorn Tex’, he was recruited to be a Founding member of the Vanguard.

Shortly thereafter, he transferred to Harrisburg, PA to join the new Reavers following the revelation of the original Reavers team as a RAT terror cell.

Several months into his Reavers assignment, MEDUSA has transferred TEX to provide some assistance in getting the fledgling team in Pacifico off the ground. He is now a member of the Eclipse.

Longhorn "Tex"

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