Glenetta Blair Krause


Flame Power (B)

Trained with martial weapons



Increased strength



> 1. What is your character’s secret identity (name, profession, employer, etc.)?
Her name is ___. My character is a Steeltown girl who works on Saturday Nights. Lookin’ for the fight of her life. She is a welder by day, a (flash)dancer by night. She works at Smith Steel Mill and Wesson Dance Hall.
> 2. What does your character look like (in both hero and secret identity persona)?
> She has fiery red hair that is spiky. At the steel mill, she wears the required welder’s safety equipment. Many people there don’t know that she is a woman because they never see her face. At the dance hall, she wears much less, but is never nude. She aspires to a career with a major dance troupe and is considering trying out for the Steeltown Dance Academy.
> 3. Where was your character born?
> Pittsburgh, PA (she hates the Steelers (too many old boyfriends)) and loves the Bengals, leading to further feelings of alienation.
> 4. What is your character’s family situation (names and ages of nearest relations – along with any other pertinent information)?
She is a single girl, living alone. Father worked for thirty years at the mill and died the day after he retired. Mother mourned him for a year, wearing black all year. Mother died the next day, wearing a red dress.
> 5. How did your character gain his/her abilities?
> She was welding at a steel mill one night and fell into a vat of molten steel. She thought that she had died as she floated up above the scene but, much to her surprise, she was flying and something other than death had happened.
In the same way a dancer becomes fused with the music, the molecules of her own body had become fused with the steel. She discovered that she had strength that she had never known before and was able to lift thousands of pounds.

> 6. Does your character have any prejudices? What do you hate? What do you love?
> Hates: Rust, sprained ankles, nitric acid, hecklers, poles, steel mill owners, sexism
Loves: music, oil, magnet, massage, yoga, democrats,

> 7. How does your character perceive the government and those who are opposed to the government?
She is a liberal member of both the Steelworkers and Actors Equity (isn’t that the union dancers would belong to?). She believes in spreading the wealth. She is a Robin Hood figure.
> 8. How does your character relate to law enforcement officials?
Loves them as long as they are defending the poor, downtrodden
> 9. How does your character relate to the media?
They love her Robin Hood style. She likes to keep a low profile and hopes that these occasional fantastic stories do not prevent her from helping poor, downtrodden.


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