Russ Johnson


steel guitar toting bandollero in sombrero and poncho and cowboy boots


natural weaponry

special requirement: liquid courage for invulnerability

EL KABONG: large mariachi-style steel guitar made of steel


guillermo gonzales aka GONZO
born near the border in southern arizona into abject poverty. obsessed with westerns that depicted the mexican as the villain, was determined to be the “good guy”, the hero. with my abilities realized by age 12, left home on a crusade against the only real ‘evil-doers’ i knew: the drug cartels in northern mexico. although not very bright, i soon realized my efforts merely caused more harm and suffering to those i believed i was helping. so, for a while, i wandered, foiling minor crimes i managed to happen upon. as thanks for saving her from being raped, an artist fabricated my guitar, EL KABONG. worked my west, and then north back into the states to L.A.. there, i did the vigilante thing for a short while before learning there were others like me and sought them out.


The Eclipse Neilg