Iron Wind

Nicole Gerwe


Heightened Speed (p) +570" +19 initiative
Mutant Power (p): Magnetic Control
Weakness Detection (s)
Heightened Strength (d) +22
Weather Control (p)
Armor (d) 103 pts
Education: Mechanical Engineer
Education: Linguist

Iron Wind has developed a strong working relationship with the metal working division of Pinyin Properties in Pacifico. With their capable assistance, she has been able to keep her armor in a good state of repair. They also have provided her with a set of duplicate armor for use while her badly damaged armor is being repaired


My name is Lisha Marais.

My story must sound strange and exotic to those who would read it now. As a child though, my life seemed simple and ordinary.

My mother is a US ambassador. She loves what she does, I think more important is her work than her family. My father is a Moroccan native. He met my mother, and how they fell in love is still a mystery to me. But, suffice it to say they did, they married, and I was born a year or so after.

I think my mother shows her care for me by her planning of my future. She did not see me living a peaceful life just at home, but wanted to make sure I was prepared for success. So, I am a US citizen and have traveled all over the world, a year or two in so many places I cannot keep track of them all.

But the place I consider “home” is back in Casablanca. My grandparents lived here (my father’s parents), and we stayed here for some time as they grew sick and eventually left us. It was here, in my father’s workshop, that I think is home.

And this is where my life grew interesting.

It was summer, I remember it well. Thirteen years old, no cares in the world. I was racing some friends home, when I suddenly realized I was FAST. They couldn’t keep up with me. I thought I was crazy at first, so I did nothing. But a week later, I tested myself, and I was much faster than I had been back a few months ago at school.

I was frightened. But my father found me, and comforted me. He couldn’t explain it either, but he promised to help me figure it out, and he did.

My father, you see, is a marvelous inventor/engineer. We spent our nights investigating and learning how things worked. So this was just a new puzzle to him, and with his help, I came to think of it as such too.

So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that when a few months later I had a new problem, my father was there to help me again. We were working in his workshop, learning about motors, when I found metal “sticking” to me. Over time, I came to understand that I could control anything magnetic.

With these two abilities, my father and I began to create some things to help keep me safe. Once I had my abilities in control, we started working on a suit of armor. This was more difficult than I first thought. We eventually found a way, using my new abilities. Very carefully, I was able to pull apart thin metal pieces, combining them to be very strong, yet very light and flexible. And since I can move them with my mind, I can collapse them into several pieces of chain that I wear. I found also, wearing this second skin I was stronger myself and with my abilities.

That summer and next year raced by. My grandparents passed, and with no other ties to here, my mother had us off yet again.

I graduated from high school, and mother insisted I attend college at a “reputable” university. And while I wished to be on my own, I would miss the long talks and inventing with my father.

With a few strings pulled, I found myself at the University of Oxford. While I earned my degree in mechanical engineering and linguistics, the place was “not my cup of tea.” I longed to be back in the warm and beach. So, having satisfied my mother, I now moved to the University of Hawaii to continue my studies.

This was a much more enjoyable place. Sun and warm and fun. My roommate here is a native Hawaiian, Leilani. We have had our share of adventures.

Like the one night she was working late in her lab. It never fails to amaze me how interesting she can find plants. There was a storm coming in, and I knew she would stay there when she shouldn’t. So, like a good friend should, I went out to get her. I’m not exactly sure what her work here was, or how it came to be such a mess. But the storm grew intense, lightening flashes, and I was scrambling, trying to find Leilani, and being frustrated that there is not enough metal here to control the situation. My last thoughts are of wishing we had sun and calm before I fall unconscious.

I awake, and can tell again something is different. I feel Leilani reach out to me, and I am relieved to know she is well. Yet she too has been changed by our experience. I find I now am able to influence the weather around me, and Leilani can absorb light and shape it more concretely. Somehow we manage to control these new abilities while finishing our studies. It is not too much later that we are contacted to join a band of superheroes.

Can you believe that? Me, a superhero? No, me either. But I guess that is where the next adventure begins.

Iron Wind

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