Photon Wave

Stephen Beck


Light Control (p)
Flight (m)
Force Field Generator (d)
Devitalization Ray (d)
Education: Quantum Physics (PhD), Electromechanical Egr (PhD), Bioelectronics (PhD)


While working on a variant of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge for his doctorate. Grad student Barry O’Donnell was desperate to prove his overbearing teacher wrong. After taking a few chances that he shouldn’t have taken, much to his surprise the bridge activated and pulled him thru a dimensional wormhole into an alternate world where super heroes were common. He quickly found that the exposure to the dimensional energies had given him the ability to control light and fly and that as a result of the travel he had a deeper understanding of some of the physical nature of the multiverse. This understanding enabled him to create a force field device and a devitalization device which would serve him well in his new role as Photon Wave.

Photon Wave

The Eclipse Iscandar