Sandy Ryle


Force Field

Paralysis Ray

Cosmic Awareness Item

Paralysis Ray Device

Astral Projection (Magic)

Death Touch


Mangled Left hand


1. What is your characters’s secret identity (name, profession, employer, etc.)?

My name is Astrid Marie Armstrong. I have a trust, so money isn’t an issue for me. Even so, I live rather sparsely, nothing extravagant. I sell t-shirts, jewelry and nick nacks from a shop I rent on Venice beach, but when I don’t feel like opening up, I don’t. I own a home in Venice beach, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve spent my whole life trying not to hurt anyone with my abilities. I never really thought about utilizing the abilities either for good or evil. It was just something I had that I could use to defend myself if threatened.

2. What does your character look like (in both hero and secret identity persona)?

I have dark hair, fair skin, not your typical southern California girl. I’m not particularly pretty, I’m just average and plain. Easy to not notice. This has served me well at times. I have a tattoo, a small Calla Lilly for my mother who’s name was Lily. It was her favorite flower. It’s on the top of my right foot.

3. Where was your character born?

My character was born in southern California.

4. What is your character’s family situation (names and ages of nearest relations – along with any other pertinent information)?

My father was a brilliant bio tech scientist. He was widowed when I was born via a tragic accident. There was a large settlement put into a trust for me as money was not an issue for the family as much as making a point. My father held a number of patents and was highly sought after. My mother was the true love of his life. He was able to go on, but never move past his love for her. Couple this with the fact that his work usurped most of his time, he was guilt ridden over me not having enough parental time. His remedy was to take me to his labs. They were my playground as well as educational. Alas, my disfigured hand came from a horrible accident in the lab when I was a couple of years short of puberty.

The accident focused all his guilt as to how dangerous allowing me in the lab had been so I was banned from the labs. He couldn’t forgive himself for the accident, though he had nothing to do with it. He felt he failed my mother and couldn’t bear to see it as a reminder of his short coming. He became more reclusive over time staying at the labs vs seeing me or spending time at home. I was effectively raised through puberty and the teen years by the house staff. I graduated high school, attended college, but carried the isolation I felt at home with me. My circle of friends is incredibly small. At this point in my life, my father and I are effectively estranged outside of holiday phone calls or the occaisional e-mail.

5. How did you character gain his/her abilities?

My powers started appearing during high school, but completely manifested while I was in my first year of college. I’m not sure if it was the accident, or all the other items in the lab that I played with over the years. My presumption is that it is a combination. I honed my abilities on lab rats.

6. Does your character have any prejudices? What do you hate, what do you love?

I love music and I love staring at the stars. I have pretended that one is my mother looking down on me for years. I love sewing, costumery, etc. I’m not a big fashionista, but appreciate well made garments that are fashionable and functional. I like being around creative artistic people. I value my alone time. I have come to hate people who let their careers rule their lives.

7. How does your character perceive the government and those who are opposed to the government?

My character is rather ambivalent about the government. I don’t trust them, but I don’t actively distrust them.

8. How does your character relate to law enforcement officials?

I’m a little afraid of law enforcement. I worry that my abilities put me on the wrong side of the law and that a paranoid law enforcement person could easily try to peg me as a criminal if I were to be found out for my abilities.

9. How does your character relate to the media?

I shy away. I am always self conscience of my hand. I don’t consider myself pretty at all.


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