Still Hammer

Jason Gonzalez


Darkness Control (p)
Heightened Endurance (s) +15
Telekenesis (p)
Heightened Endurance (p) +21
Invulnerability (p) 21 points


My past is much less of a mystery to me…

Eight months ago, the doctors tell me that I was found wandering through the Mojave Desert. I was suffering from severe sunstroke and dehydration – the doctors don’t know how I survived.

My first conscious memory is of waking up in a hospital facility. It turns out, the facility is operated by MEDUSA for the purposes of studying people like me. I don’t know how I got to be like I am…

All I can remember from my life before is my name….. Itzli.

After months of rehabilitation, I have re-entered society. The world seems familiar, but I don’t know where I fit in.

My friend Kyle has asked me to participate with the new group, the Eclipse. He says that maybe working with a group of people like me might help unlock my lost self. We will see.

During the battle with the Revenants at the University, a Neural Dampener was placed on my head freeing an ancient magical being that served as the source of the mythology of the Aztec god Itztlacoliuhqui. I remember that I volunteered to serve as the living prison for this being using my Willpower to hold him in. Sadly, the imprisonment cost me my willpower and the ability to speak.

I am associated with some time travelers – we have met some of them (Jose and Isabella).

I remember that I have two brothers – Eztli and Necalli who also serve as prisons for similar magical beings.

Still Hammer

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