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Sadeepan Rahmahan and his family are pure Indian descent. In fact, all his relatives (6 older brothers, 3 sisters, 6 uncles, and 34 cousins) still live in India except for his younger sister Viaron who moved to California to attend college but disappeared shortly thereafter.

Within weeks of her disappearance, Sadeepan and his parents moved to California to aid in the search for Viaron. A small, almost frail young man, Sadeepan had spent years searching to no avail. His parents had all but given up hope and almost lost the small family restaurant they opened until the morning that Sadeepan mentioned a most unusual dream he had wherein he flew ghost-like around the city searching for Viaron throughout the night. It was this dream that confirmed for his parents that the ancient myth of heritage had finally come true.

It had been told for generations within the Rahmahan family that there had once been a great power bestowed upon the first Rahmahan – also named Sadeepan. It was said that the ancient Sadeepan had mystical power to turn his body non-corporeal and to share this ability with any he was in contact with. The legend also spoke of a host of powerful items that Sadeepan commanded that controlled sound waves, permitted flight, provided reserves of energy, controlled the lightning, etc. Legend had it that Sadeepan’s 6 sons fought over who would inherit the items of magic so on his deathbed, Sadeepan willed that none would possess the ability to use the items until a 7th son gave birth to a 7th son – the time would then reveal itself when the items could be claimed.

Being the first “7th son of a 7th son” in the lineage of the ancient Sadeepan, his parents always believed that he was destined to lay claim which is why they named him after his ancient relative. they waited patiently for the day when the time would be revealed but after Sadeepan’s 18th birthday came and went, they began to lose hope. Once Viaron disappeared, any thought of the myth was all but forgotten until that fateful morning. They realized that it was no dream… Sadeepan flew like his ancient relative. Without hesitation, they produced the strange box that was believed to hold the items of power. In 21 generations, none had been able to open this box with no lid. Unsure what to do with it, Sadeepan held it on his lap and simply willed it to open. The magic within Sadeepan activated whatever ancient mystical lock and the box faded away revealing the circlet and ring (both of onyx).

Sadeepan returned to India for 6 months to study anything he could about the ancient mystical arts. He learned anything he could about his lineage and learned how to activate the circlet (permitting flight) and the ring (generating sonic pulses). He was also able to master his ability to project astrally and discovered within himself additional abilities to control light, fly without the circlet, and to affect the electric spectrum while in astral form.

Because the legends tell of slightly different abilities granted to the Elder Sadeepan, the young Sadeepan is uncertain as to whether the 2 items convey different abilities to different “owners” or if there are other abilities yet unlocked. He has discovered that the legend also spoke of an Onyx Necklace that seems to have disappeared through the years.

Sadeepan then returned to California to once again take up the search for his sister – now better equipped. Another year has passed without any success but Sadeepan has taken it upon himself to use his new abilities to help others while he continues his search. He also continues to study the mystical arts to better understand his abilities (and his items) and whether any other abilities can be unlocked. While not actively searching for the necklace, Sadeepan keeps an eye open for it during his research in case it shows up somewhere in history. It was last seen around the neck of an Egyptian Pharaoh but that tomb was plundered so the necklace could be anywhere.

Sadeepan chooses to roam the city as Surge in a simple “costume” of jeans, black shirt, leather vest, boots and “Zorro mask” when in physical form but when he prepares to go astral, he chooses to emulate his ancestor and wear the flowing hooded travelling robe that the elder wore. He even translated the elder’s “ghostly” name into its closest English term “Static”

Now a probationary member of the Eclipse, Surge (Static) continues to help the citizens of California while still searching for his sister



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