Heidi Beck


Gravity Control (p)
Invulnerability/Shield (d)
Psionics/Telekinesis (m)
Heightened Endurance A +13 (s)
Curtana (mi)
Diminished Senses: Insensitive to Pain
Education: Medical Doctor


Lucia Jensen grew up in small circus. Lucia was known as Strong Girl. She helped with the knife throwing demonstrations and participated in the swashbuckling exhibition.
The troupe broke up due to economic issues. Her Father was the “typical” strong man and her Mother was the “mentalist”. They retired to small cabin up in the mountains. Lucia doesn’t mention them to preserve their privacy)

Her Father is a decendant of Ogier Danske. Morgan le Fey was one of 3 queens to bless Ogier at birth. Her blessing was that one of his line would be available to aid Denmark when it is in need. (Thus it is with all Kings under the mountain, but the legends tend to leave out such things).

Her Mother was concerned that Lucia showed none of her powers, but still taught Lucia basic control techniques in case they developed later.

Lucia joined the Army to raise money for college.


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