Xue Zen

Winston Krause


Extremely Agile

Highly Charismatic

The Ring of Shadows and Dreams

Astral Projection (magic)



1. What is your character’s secret identity (name, profession, employer, etc.)?
Xue Zen is the stage name of Xue Mao Pinyin, a popular San Francisco street magician turned Superhero.

2. What does your character look like (in both hero and secret identity persona)?
Xue Zen routinely wears a traditional Chinese robe and pants with a large wicker hat which obscures his face from plain view. When he is not doing his act or being a superhero, he’s fond of worn blue jeans and a t-shirt

3. Where was your character born?
San Francisco

4. What is your character’s family situation (names and ages of nearest relations – along with any other pertinent info rmation)?
5. How did your character gain his/her abilities?
6. Does your character have any prejudices? What do you hate? What do you love?

Questions 4, 5 and 6 are explained in the history Xue Zen . Xue Zen is the youngest member of the clan of the Mao Pinyin translated literally as Shadow Dreamers. The Mao Pinyin were a clan that served as court wizards to first southern Chinese royalty and then to the Emperor himself. Certain members of the family were gifted with ability to “walk amongst dreams” (astral project)

During the Ming Dynasty, Mao Pinyin Zhangchunzhi won a wager with the gods of shadow and took the ring of Dao Pinyin as his prize. The ring is a truly powerful artifact. The cost though to Zhangchunzhi was very great as the God took his retribution by demanding of the Emperor his third daughter Ming Hsu Shen, Zhangchunzhi’ betrothed. Zhangchunzhi committed the memory of the beautiful girl to the ring. (Hence Miss Ming) The ring when the appropriate experience and character points are spent allows not only for the generation of illusion in reality, it allows the user to project illusion and images into the sub conscious of others, and for the most powerful (many character points spent) brings illusion to life. The ring is sentient and revels in intrigue and mystery. The image of the Ming daughter is imprinted on the ring so deeply that when the ring speaks to the wearer or others in their sleep it will take on the persona of the girl.

In the 19th century as exposure to the west came to China , the Mao Pinyin fell into disfavor, as the Emperor embraced western technology. Wo Sung Pinyin fled to the states to avoid persecution of court rivals. In short order he used his powers and reputation to make his fortune as an import export mogul. The business flourished and he turned it over to younger members of the family, while he studied the arcane with fervor. He became reclusive to the point of legend and only the eldest of the family knew of his existence. Those who sought power in the family knew of the rings existence and coveted it.

In the 1950’s Lee Sung Pinyin Great Uncle of Xue Zen won an internal power struggle with Xue Zen’s grandfather. Lee Sung was a powerful sorcerer and had many of the family’s physical abilities but not the ability to astral project. His lack of this ability cost him what he believed his inheritance the ring… Lee Sung built a powerful business empire while Xue Zen’s side of the family toiled in poverty.

Xue’s father received a degree in engineering and had left the family behind, for a humble life in the suburbs. When Xue reached puberty the outer body experiences he began to experience frightened him and his family. Wo Sung had long awaited a worthy heir and began to teach his great, great, great, great, grandchild in Xue’s dreams. On Xue’s 18th birthday Wo Sung brought Xue the ring of shadow and dreams. Wo Sung then disappeared not to be heard from again. This also caused a schism between Xue and his father. Xue’s father had renounced the family and magic and when Xue accepted the ring over his father’s objection, he banished Xue from his family. Xue turned to his natural skills as an actor and showman, performing in local shows to support himself.

Lee Sung his wealthy great Uncle soon found out that Xue possessed the ring. He has made several overtures for it, but Xue was taught by Wo Sung to regard his Uncle with mis-trust. Xue knows his Uncle desires the ring and has so far been able to avoid his Uncle, by use of disguise and unwitting help from the ring who does not wish to serve Lee Sung… This is the state of affairs when our adventure begins…

4) Xue loves his immediate family despite the estrangement with his father. There is enmity with his Great Uncle and his cousins from that side of the family.
5) Xue’s powers are genetic with exception of the ring and or are taught to him by Wo Sung
6) Although Xue doesn’t hate any one specifically besides his Uncle and Cousins he mistrusts wealthy people, because of his modest upbringing…

7. How does your character perceive the government and those who are opposed to the government?
Xue views the government like most lower class kids, with a certain degree of weariness and mis-trust.

8. How does your character relate to law enforcement officials?
Xue by in large has been a good kid and with exception of the occasional speeding ticket has avoided run ins with the law. He is indifferent to most law enforcement but has no overt hatred or fear of them.

9. How does your character relate to the media?
Xue is not camera shy and tries to get as much exposure as he can. This is obviously a trait of his mothers side of the family who were performers in the Hong Kong opera

Xue Zen

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