Ring of Shadow and Dreams

weapon (ranged)

During the Ming Dynasty, Mao Pinyin Zhangchunzhi won a wager with the gods of shadow and took the ring of Dao Pinyin as his prize. The ring is a truly powerful artifact.

The cost though to Zhangchunzhi was very great as the God took his retribution by demanding of the Emperor his third daughter Ming Hsu Shen, Zhangchunzhi’ betrothed. Zhangchunzhi committed the memory of the beautiful girl to the ring.

The ring when the appropriate experience and power of will are utilized allows not only for the generation of illusion in reality, it allows the user to project illusion and images into the sub conscious of others, and for the most powerful efforts brings illusion to life.

The ring is sentient and revels in intrigue and mystery. The image of the Ming daughter is imprinted on the ring so deeply that when the ring speaks to the wearer or others in their sleep it will take on the persona of the girl.

The ring is currently in the possession of the founding Vanguard member Xue Zen


Ring of Shadow and Dreams

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