The Eclipse

Season 1.1 Kickoff
Time to get your Aztec on!

While the Messenger, Iron Wind, and the FireBug raced to the University, Flower Power finds herself attacked by the members of the Revenants. She manages to stay on her feet until the other members of the Eclipse arrive and join the fight.

The heroes are successful in knocking out the Neanderthal – but Destikotheses and the Atlantean both manage to teleport out, and Bast slips invisibly away.

During the height of the fight, Toa Culcum appears with the fully formed Itztlacoliuhqui. The two of them disappear.

Meanwhile, Still Hammer has recovered from the attack. The group is amazed to discover that he can speak!

Jose and Isabella both run up and hug him. They reveal that they are familiar with Toa Culcum under a different name, Xiuhcoatl, and that when they last encountered him, he was responsible for an attempt to restore the Aztec Mexica Empire back to prominence.

MEDUSA arrives to take the Neanderthal into custody. A quick interrogation reveals two things. First: that Xiuhcoatl disappearing with a god was NOT a part of the plan. They were told that they could release magical energy from Still Hammer that would enhance their own abilities. Second: that he did not expect to stay captured for long because his partners would be quick to free him. Still hammer gives MEDUSA the odd Neural Dampener that was used on him for investigation.

Isabella demonstrates a limited healing ability.

The group debates for a while about where Xiuhcoatl and the god were likely to go next. Still Hammer reveals that there were two additional gods that were imprisoned in teh same way by two other hosts. The other hosts were hidden in Portugal and Brazil.

During the debate, Still Hammer is suddenly struck with a searing headache that drives him to his knees. The Messenger quickly accesses the internet and quickly discovers the blossoming story of an attack in Portugal. The two villains attacked a hospital emergency room where many were injured amd one was killed. A quick trip to Portugal reveals that the dead man is one of the other hosts: Eztli, the host imprisoning the god Huitzilopochtli.

The group immediately travels to Brasilia and search the hospital where they find the third host (Necalli) who is recovering from the effects of the attacks on both Still Hammer and Eztli. The Eclipse takes him from the hospital and then start bouncing randomly across the world trying to hide their location from Xiuhcoatl while still allowing them rest time to heal.

While hiding in Mississippi, the children detect a temporal flux and create a protective bubble to protect the gathered heroes from its effects. After the flux passed, it is discovered that the United States (along with the rest of the North and South hemispheres) has been transformed into an Aztec empire. Something in the past has been changed to alter the course of history.

The Eclipse travels to Greece where they discover that the rest of the world has been stopped at 16th century technology. Use of the libraries in Greece, the heroes were able to determine what they believe to be the altered event. In this timeline, Hernan Cortes and the Tlaxcalans were defeated by the Aztecs at the siege of Tenochtitlan.

Primary Events of the last session
It's About Darn Time!

Following is a summation of the final episode of last season – I apologize profusely for my failure to document the episode while it is still in my mind. As a sign of my contrition, I offer a reward for anyone that is using the site!

Crimson sets a deadline for locating Dr. Orson Mayfair.

Unimpressed with the efforts of the Eclipse to locate Doctor Mayfair, the grumpy representative of the AMEA set a deadline of 1 week to achieve the goal. No specific penalty was mentioned, but the threat seemed ominous.

Lampblack visits the Eclipse

Following the heroes’ last trip to Beaumont, one of the members of the BIO-Deen security force visits the heroes at their Headquarters. They have done some background checks on the team and have determined that their infiltration attempts in Beaumont were not malicious. He provides the following information for the heroes:

  • Doctor Orson Mayfair no longer employed at Bio-Deen
  • They are aware of the location of a Cabin in Colorado where Dr. Mayfair went on his private time

The Eclipse visits the Cabin

  • The heroes find the cabin abandoned with an extremely thick layer of dust over everything indicating that no one has been here in months
  • After a very careful search, the heroes find a receipt for the Los Diablos restaurant less than a week old

A Visit to Los Diablos

The heroes enjoy a sumptuous feast and make the acquaintance of Alde Romero, the owner of Los Diablos. With the assistance of Romero, the heroes search through the security footage and identify Mayfair and get a look at his dining companion: The man was 6’1” tall with grey hair and an obnoxious handlebar moustache.

Utilizing their contacts with the Pacifico police department, they are able to identify Mayfair’s companion through facial recognition software as Reverend Charles Kinkaid. Rev. Kinkaid is the founder of the Church of Divine Resurrection. The church is located on a large private ranch on the outskirts of Mendocino Woodlands State Park in northern California. The church is widely considered to be a cult.

Attacked at the Oberon Building

The heroes were attacked at their headquarters by seven armored assailants. Three of the assailants displayed the ability to teleport. There also was one additional assailant that demonstrated the abilities of Flight, Invisibility, and Power Blast.

While the 4 armored attackers concentrated on doing damage, the three teleporters each attacked a single target until a hit was made, then he would teleport away – returning a few seconds later and attacking a new target. Once all of the heroes were successfully hit by the teleporters, the foes returned to teleport out with the other troops. The heroes hypothesize that the teleporters were collecting samples of each of their DNA.
The (presumed) flying Metahuman also escaped.

The Heroes split up

Still Hammer and Flower Power both go to the University so that Hammer can keep his appointment with Doctor Mark Cullins.
Iron Wind goes to Pinyin Properties to affect repairs on her armor.
The remainder patrol, rest, and recover as they pleased.

In the center of HQ, two Hispanic children appear out of nowhere. They identify themselves as Jose (13) and Isabella (7). They warn that Still Hammer is in grave danger and that if he falls the end of the world will come

Meanwhile… At the University

Still Hammer meets with Dr Cullins and Dr Ella Sabin. Cullins recommends that Hammer utilize the art of hypnosis as a tool to dig out the memories that are locked in his head. Dr. Sabin is an accomplished hypnotist and is happy to help with the project. Hammer agrees to go under hypnosis while Flower Power observes. While Hammer is under hypnosis, Dr. Cullins places a Neural Dampener on his head. Immediately, Hammer goes into convulsions and lets out an articulated scream of pain. The temperature in the room drops twenty degrees and a sooty cloud begins to form over Hammer’s head.

Cullins roars that Itztlacoliuhqui the Aztec god of Blind Justice is about to emerge!

Just Let Us Get Some Rest Already!
and... Back to Beaumont!

The heroes of the Eclipse stand over the body of Doctor Apocalypse and debate what their next course of action is. Should they attempt to remove the gem, destroy it (and possibly the Doctor too), or leave it where it is? The Messenger grabs the gem to see if it is embedded into the skull or if it is on the surface of his skin when he starts to pull on it. Flower Power breaks his grip on the gem and the hero shrugs off the vestiges of external control.

While they debate, they hear several odd noises coming from the hallway – investigation of the hallway reveals nothing out of the ordinary – but suddenly bursting from one of the cell doors comes Bounceback, Windshear, Dwarf Star, and Magnus (who is wearing a snazzy new suit!).

Battle between the groups is quickly joined. The Messenger attempts to leave with Apocalypse’s body, but at the last second realizes that the exit door is blocked by a shimmering ebon curtain. Correctly surmising that the curtain is a portal to some unknown place, he stays with the Doctor in the hallway (dodging other portals as he navigates the battle).
The battle is not going well for the exhausted heroes – and then gets worse as continuing sounds from another cell turn out to be the sounds of Echo freeing Blok from the ball of metal. As the two bruisers join the fight, the Eclipse seems doomed.

Finally, forced to join the fight, the Messenger sets Apocalypse’s body on the floor. Another portal opens beneath the Doctor and his body disappears. The remaining villains exit through the various portals and the portals slam shut. When the dust clears, all of the villains are gone except for the unconscious form of Magnus. They assist in the cleanup of demonic forces in the MEDUSA HQ – assisted by Agent Michaels who is found alive and battling demons in his weaponized wheelchair.

The Eclipse uses the next few days for rest and recuperation. Iron Wind utilizes the Pinyin Properties metal working division to repair her armor, and Still Hammer continues his research into Aztec rituals searching for a clue to his past. During his research, he discovers that an archaeologist that is an expert in the Aztec culture is currently lecturing at Pacifico University. He arranges to meet with the expert, a Doctor Mark Cullins.
Doctor Cullins is very open to meeting with the hero and spends significant time with Still hammer over the course of the next couple of days. Cullins also introduces the hero to the other members of the lecture team: Archeologist Doctor Armand Craver, Egyptologist Doctor Ella Sabin, Marine Biologist Doctor Ronald Britch, and Pacifico University Professor (and Archaeologist) Doctor Donald Raglan.

It is during this idyllic period that the team receives a call from Mister Crimson who demands an update on their search for Doctor Orson Mayfair. Not having anything to report irritates the AMEA man and he threatens that they had better come up with the information.
The heroes return to Beaumont. FireBug and Iron Wind (in civilian disguise) explore the forested area around the BIO-Deen campus looking for a vantage point from which to watch the access road so that they can identify Dr. Mayfair as he enters or exits the facility. As they approach the campus, they are greeted telepathically and are warned that they are trespassing on private property and that they should leave immediately. They test the telepath to make certain that they are dealing with a living being and not some kind of machine and they retreat from the area. The pair then return to the area with the idea of blocking the access road with a small tree – but are warned back again by the telepath. Furthermore, they are warned that they are now being watched – and they quickly notice a winged form above them. They return to the town – followed all of the way by the winged form.

The remaining members of the Eclipse case town looking for a reaction from the citizenry. Photon Wave, the Valkyrie, Still Hammer, and Flower Power all enter the town as civilians. The Messenger enters separately in Superhero Garb.

The heroes go from establishment to establishment asking questions until finally, the Sheriff approaches them and intimates that they should perhaps move on. The Sheriff follows them to subsequent establishments. Still Hammer decides to test the Sheriff and he breaks off apart from the group and enters a different bar. Shortly after he arrives, a Deputy Sheriff joins him. Getting frustrated with the rigmarole, Still Hammer makes it appear that the lights have gone out… several times. After dismissing the darkness, the Deputy takes a good look at his face and recognizes him as a superhero. He then leaves the bar informing the Sheriff of the identity of the hero.

The Sheriff gets the message and then is able to recognize the heroes as the Eclipse. He lets them know that they are recognized and leaves. About this time Firebug and Iron Wind return to the city with their shadow in tow. The Messenger flies up to meet the flying form and discovers him to be a metahuman in private employ of BioDeen. He calls himself Raptor. After a brief conversation, they part ways.

Finally fed up with the small town ways of Beaumont, the Eclipse returns to Pacifico.

I thought we were done with this guy...

Following the battle with Doctor Apocalypse, Flower Power gathers up the small boy found at the battle site and goes with him to the hospital. More than one hero realizes that her owl is nowhere to be seen.

The rest of the heroes return to the Oberon Building to recover from the fight. They do more research on BIO-Deen and meet a GEMINI geneticist named Dr. Abe Jenson. What they learn is thatthe company is not only secretive and paranoid, they are also guarded by an army of lawyers who restrict information through the use of strict Non-Disclosure Agreements. They decide that the only way to get information about the facility is to sneak in… and unfotunately, this team is not very adept at covert operations.

Iron Wind revisits her friends at the metal shop at Pinyin Properties where she again gets her armor repaired. While there, the shop is visited by the CEO and patriarch Lee Sung Pinyin.

Another day passes and the heroes dither over how to address the assignemnt they have been given by Crimson when they all receive a distress call from Agent Michaels saying that the MEDUSA detention building is under attack. The Eclipse immediately make their way to the MEDUSA building, but see no sign of an attack outside. They burst into the building and are immediately confronted by a group of seven demons that are in the process of consuming a meal of recently killed MEDUSA agents.

The Eclipse makes short work of the demons – exhibiting excellent teamwork against a giant one with ice powers – and are then immediately confronted by 45 more demons. These demons are all small and imp-like and the heroes are able to make short work of them. They work their way into the complex and encounter another group of demons battling four MEDUSA agents. These demons are bigger and stronger than the others that the heroes have fought, but they still prove no match for the heroes’ might.

One of the MEDUSA agents tells the heroes that the demons are all coming from Doctor Apocalypse’s cell. It seems that the Doctor’s willpower ability is necessary to keep the portal to the demon world closed – and the Neural Dampener has nullified the Doctor’s abilty to keep the demons out. The agent guides the heroes to the cell.

Inside Apocalyse’s cell, the Eclipse finds a large demon surrounded by 5 smaller, winged glowing demons standing over the body of Doctor Apocalypse. The large demon’s hand is resting on the gem. The heroes quickly discover two things – first, the five glowing demons serve to defend the large demon and they have to eliminate them first — and second, the large demon can pull additional demon’s from the gem!

A titanic battle erupts and ends with the heroes standing battered above the unconscious form of Doctor Apocalypse facing the dilemma of what to do next…

An Apocalyptic Day
Two is Company, Three is a Crowd --- Five is Overkill!

The Secret Service quickly bundles Marc Sebastian into an ambulance and leaves the scene. The heroes of the Eclipse assist the local police in crowd control following the battle at the political event.

The following day, the Eclipse receives a visit from Agent Michaels of MEDUSA. Accompanying the former superhero are two members of the Secret Service and another man introduced only as Crimson (that’s ‘Mr. Crimson’ to you!!). Crimson is an agent with the AMEA – the American Metahuman Enforcement Agency. The AMEA is a secretive government agency affliated in some way with MEDUSA. None of the heroes had ever heard of it.

Crimson quickly takes charge of the meeting. He informs the heroes that this situation has been classified at Security Level 2. Any disclosure of the facts they are about to learn to an outside agency will be considered treason.

Crimson tells them that Congressman Sebastian is indeed not human. Their labs, in the brief time that they have had, have determined that the Congressman is actually a biologically-grown android — not fully a machine, but not fully biological either.

Sebastian has passed a physical in the past during his enlistment into the US Army indicating that the Congressman at one point was human and was swapped out for the android at some time in the past. Sebastian is not married and no girlfriend at present.

The Secret Service will handle the job of tracking the Congressman’s past movements to determine when a switch could best have been made. The heroes are tasked with locating the source of the android.

Agent Micheals chimes in that MEDUSA’s databases reveal that there is only one person they are aware of that has the capability of growing this kind of android — Dr. Orson Mayfair – a scientist with BIO-Deen. BIO-Deen is a highly secretive (paranoid!) corporation located just outside the town of Beaumont Utah.

The meeting breaks up and the visitors leave. Agent Michaels is the last out the door. As he is leaving, he stops, turns in his chair and says, “Don’t mess around with that guy (Crimson) — he is dangerous”.

The heroes begin discussions on how to invesigate BIO-Deen when their minds are assaulted by a very powerful mental contact from Doctor Apocalypse.


The heroes divide their forces:

  • The Messenger scours Pacifico looking for an area that is in need of a little ‘urban development’. With the help of the police, he has the area evacuated in anticipation of a battle.
  • Photon Wave, the Valkyrie, and Flower Power travel incognito to Beaumont where they discover the typical small western town. The only odd things that they find are a large complex of dormitories (BIO-Deen employees make up a large percentage of the town’s population), and a decided evasion from the locals any time the BIO-Deen campus is mentioned.
  • Iron Wind contacts her friends at Pinyin Properties and travels to their metal working shop to repair her armor.

The following day, the heroes gather at the site that the Messenger selected for the battle. MEDUSA agents have the area closed off so that civilians are unable to interfere. 24 hours to the second after Apocalypse’s contact, he flies into the battlefield. The fight commences, but to the heroes’ dismay, Apocalypse separates himself into five smaller versions of himself — and they all come equipped with a power blast.

The Eclipse manage to knock out one of the five doctors – but they sustain heavy losses as the Messenger, the Valkyrie, and FireBug are all knocked unconscious and Iron Wind suffers heavy damage to her armor. As the remaining heores (Photon Wave, Iron Wind, Still Hammer, and Flower Power prepare to continue what they feel to be a hopeless fight – the cavalry arrives in the form of a large Duesenberg. The antique car roars up and disgorges the Red Fedora, Agent Alpha, and Pandora Chase of the Paragon Society.

The hero teams join forces again and successfully knock out a second Apocalypse – but the remaining villains concentrate their fire on the powerful Paragon members and they are quickly neutralized.

All again looks hopeless as Photon Wave and Iron Wind are also knocked unconscious leaving Still Hammer and Flower Power to deal with three Apocalypses. The Doctor laughs at their pitiful resistance and begins to monologue. Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light and all of the members of the Eclipse find themselves fully healed (the Messenger quips that this is the first time in weeks that he has been healthy).

Revitalized and rejuvenated, the heroes of the Eclipse are able to successfully defeatthe remaining Apocalypses. As the last Doctor falls unconscious, they all shimmer and fade back into one full-sized Apocalypse. MEDUSA agents swarm in and place a Neural Dampener on his head to prevent him from accessing his powers. He is bundled off in MEDUSA custody and the Paragon members are taken to the hospital.

It is only then that the heroes discover a surprise in the rubble – a small (3 year-old) polynesian boy unconscious in the rubble. All eyes turn to Flower Power.

It's called 'Retreat' not 'Running Away'!

In the days following their climactic battle with Fracture, the heroes of the Eclipse spent a couple of days regaining some much needed strength.

Agent Michaels introduces a new member to the Eclipse, The FireBug, who will serve as a replacement for their slain comrade.

Information learned during these 2 days:

  • Photon Wave attempted to contact the website only to receive a very politely worded reply that “The originating address of this Henchmen Request appears to be that of a licensed Superhero Organization. At this time, we are going to have to refuse you the service of our henchmen. We do hope that your activities will continue to drive the need for quality Henchmen.”
  • Further attempts by Photon Wave to track the location of the website were unsuccessful as the programmers of the site appear to be internet savants, redirecting the internet traffic through an impenetrable maze of servers across the world.
  • A thorough search of the California Republic base reveals an identical teleport pad to the one that the heroes discovered in the cavern beneath Doctor Apocalypse’s island. An examination of the equipment leads the heroes to believe that the machine is hard-coded with destination possibilities as opposed to being keyed to geographic coordinates.

The Eclipse decide to visit the site of Doctor Apocalypse’s Island to determine if the Island is truly missing or if it is cloaked from the satellites in some way. They fly in low carrying a speedboat. Flower Power and Firebug both provide significant shielding in the forms of a light barrier and a fire barrier respectively.

As the heroes fly within ten miles of the island location, they begin to suffer barrages of missiles in 15 second intervals. The missiles cause the heroes to continually replenish their shields. Unfortunately for the heroes, as they get closer, the missiles increase in power. The Messenger grabs all of the slower moving heroes and kicks up the speed to reach the island before the missiles grow powerful enough to break through the shields to the heroes behind.

As they approach, the heroes find the Recreation Island, but no sign of the main island. The Messenger flies through the physical space where the main island used to be to verify that it has not been made invisible in some manner. Landing on the Recreation Island, behind the three air defense stations, the heroes see the stations sink back down to their inactive status.

A thorough search of the island reveals yet another teleport pad – only apparently, the villains using this facility were not too certain of remembering the machine’s settings, the heroes find a list with coordinates pinned to the wall: (The heroes grab the list)

  • Cavern… 1 – 8
  • Mansion… 3 – 4
  • CalRep-1… 4 – 4
  • CalRep-2… 9 – 2

Fearing that further delay might lead to an Apocalypse victory with his deadline looming, the Eclipse decide to make use of the teleport pad. They first attempt to travel to the CalRep-2 location. Flower Power, the Messenger, Valkyrie, and Still Hammer step onto the pads while Photon Wave sets the dials and activates the machine.

The 4 heroes teleport away. Photon Wave looks on with a feeling of chagrin as he pulls the handle. As the handle reaches the end of its pull, it springs back to the start position (not unlike a slot machine) and the dials all spin around to random values. The hero realizes that it is a good thing that they know the coordinates that they sent the other heroes. Photon wave resets the machine he remaining heroes step onto the pads and the lever is triggered magnetically by Iron Wind and they follow the others…
into a very, very dark room. Photon Wave immediately ‘lights up’ revealing Flower Power in the fetal position on the floor, whimpering in the dark. They quickly recognize the room as being identical to the one in the other CalRep base. They move through the complex to the power generator room and quickly get the power going. A search of the base reveals that it has not been inhabited for at least several days. The only item of note that they find is a photograph of Bounceback with an older European woman.

GPS reveals their location to be north of San Francisco. They call MEDUSA to alert them to the location of the base and MEDUSA agents quickly converge on the location to take charge of it.
A teleport to CalRep-1 takes the heroes to the California Republic base that they originally found.

After a brief debate on the merits of heroism, the Eclipse decides to use the teleport pads to find the island. They use the coordinates for ‘Mansion’ and teleport into a plush room inside a large building. Immediately noticing the security cameras, the Messenger remarks that stealth does not appear to be an option and the heroes charge out of the building to discover that they are indeed on Doctor Apocalypse’s island.

They also discover that Doctor Apocalypse has been using his time since their last encounter building a gigantic spherical metal framework on the western beach. The framework is swarming with Doc’s technician androids while Apocalypse himself hovers in the center directing the work.

The heroes roar into combat, splitting their attacks between Apocalypse and the superstructure. In a matter of minutes, the superstructure suffered critical damage and collapsed into a mangled pile of metal (and androids). Enraged, the good Doctor (Photon Wave: “Wait… where’s the ‘BAD’ Doctor”) attacks the heroes in earnest. Ineffective against the non-corporal Doctor to this point, the heroes decide to run away… um, Retreat. They quickly fly out of the range of Apocalypse and his air defenses and back to the safety of Pacifico

In the morning, Amber Poniard reports to the Valkyrie that she just received a strange message over the help line: “O Geronimo No Minor Ego”. The heroes immediately recognize the phrase as being a palindrome and jump into action.

It takes a very brief brainstorming session to make the guess that ‘Geronimo’ refers to San Geronimo – and ‘No Minor Ego’ probably refers to San Geronimo’s favorite son Marc Sebastian – a candidate in the current Republican Primary for the Presidency. Turning on the news, they are quick to learn that Sebastian is giving a campaign speech this very day in San Francisco.

It takes no time at all to get in communication with the secret service – and with Agent Michael’s assistance, the heroes are inserted into the detail. The speech is being given at a huge outdoor amphitheater and over 50,000 people are expected.

The Messenger and Still Hammer stand on stage with the candidate. Photon Wave and the Valkyrie take up locations off-stage. Flower Power and Iron wind take stations on top of the amphitheater, and Firebug resumes human form and joins the crowd.

The speech is going well when a sudden thunderstorm pops up. As the first raindrops hit the stage, a member of the audience throws off his outer coat and screams a sonic blast at the candidate. Simultaneously, another supervillain flies directly into the Messenger, and a third villain detaches himself from the lighting fixtures to attack Flower Power and Iron Wind. Another audience member transforms into a 9’ tall gorilla to join the attack.

Sebastian is almost knocked into unconsciousness by the fury of Cacophony’s attack, but Flower Power is able to create a light box around the candidate to protect him from further attack. The villains press their attack – and it becomes increasingly obvious that there is another, unseen villain controlling the weather and battering Iron Wind with intense gusts of wind. Even with the help of the unseen villain, the attackers are totally outmatched by the heroes. Cacophony is knocked unconscious by Firebug. Morpheus is knocked unconscious as he attempted to escape down a drainage pipe. Silent rage attempted to fly away, but was quickly outdistanced and knocked out by the Messenger. The Silverback was able to escape into the crowd, transforming back into human form as he did so.

The heroes congregate on the stage along with the conscious members of the secret service detail. Flower Power removes the protective covering, and the surrounding people are amazed to see that the candidate is bleeding heavily… but he is bleeding a milky, tan substance instead of blood. Marc Sebastian is some kind of android!

Welcome Back to the City
A Hero Falls

Jetting back to Pacifico, the heroes of the Eclipse quickly do battle with several groups of Guardian robots – defeating them easily.

The battles in the street lead to a climactic fight with Fracture and a half dozen Guardians. The heroes again easily defeat the robots, but the might of Fracture appears to be too much for the assembled heroes to overcome. The darkest moment comes when with one tremendous blow, Fracture crushes the White Fist ending the hero’s life.

As the giant appears to be ready to crush the rest if the exhausted heroes, a spectacular Duesenburg roars into the street and three members of the Paragon Society jump out to join in the fight. Agent Alpha takes to the sky and peppers the villain with his disintigration ray while Pandora Chase and the Red Fedora use their Hellpistols.

The joint efforts of the two hero groups successfully defeat the villain. Rescue crews take over and the heroes split up between helping with damage control and a quick trip to the hospital for themselves.

Among the significant damage done to the city, the heroes discover that their headquarters was burned to the ground. The members of the paragon Society invite the members of the Eclipse to stay temporarily in their elegant headquarters.

Over the next 24 hours, MEDUSA informs the heroes that the Island Base of Doctor Apocalypse appears to have disappeared on the satellite images… the recreation island appears to still be there (with its air defense systems) but the main island is gone.

MEDUSA also reports that the Countess staged an escape from the USN Idaho using her mind control power. She escaped using the dimension travel power of Rumble along with Magnus, Sandblaster, Echo, and Windshear.

The next day, Lee Sung Pinyin visits the heroes and offers them permanent headquarters. He escorts them to the Oberon Building where he offers them floors 56-58 along with the roof access. The space has all of the amenities that the heroes have hoped for — including bunks that align the body’s rhythems to aid in the healing process.

Another trouble alert comes in regarding costumed individuals attacking the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank. The heroes of the Eclipse arrive to find a dozen desert-theme costumed villains attacking the bankk being led by a park ranger. In a matter of minutes, the heroes defeat the majority of the villains when the alarm goes off inside the bank.

The Messenger enters the bank and meets another supervillain exiting the vault. After a brief battle with Death Valley, the villain explodes into a cloud of Borax and vanishes.

A search of the captured villains outside of the bank reveal a business card for — a website that proves to be a site where villains can hire themed henchmen for their criminal enterprises.

Farewell to the Island

The heroes of the Eclipse spend a fitful night on the side of the hill – only to be woken when the Countess communicates with Flower Power telepathically to let them know thatg they have been found.

The heroes exit their aerie to find an electric purple dome covering the hill — a shadowy figure hovering above the dome. Inside the dome, they heroes do battle with the Countess, Old Sparky, Blok, Dwarf Star, and an opponant wearing Iron Wind’s armor. The heroes easily overwhelm the villains again. Iron Wind magnetically strips her armor from Echo and uses all of the lighting equipment from the athletic fields to imprison Blok in a mound of metal.

Dwarf Star and Echo are knocked unconscious, Sparky teleports away, and the Countess is pinned to the ground by the Valkyrie’s gravity power.

With the capture of the final villain, the dome dissipates and Doctor Apocalypse walks down from the sky.

“You have fought well, but I have come too far to fail and your continued presence here is… inconvenient. I do not, however, wish to dirty my hands on such insignificant creatures as you.”

“I have sent my servant ”/wikis/fracture" class=“wiki-page-link”> Fracture to Pacifico with my Guardian troops. I allow you 30 seconds to gather as many of my defeated minions as you can and depart for California before I destroy you. Your time starts… now."

As he finishes speaking, he drops the Messenger‘s cadecus and the team’s communicators to the ground.

Flower Power immediately creates a jet plane out of light and the heroes gather all of the captured villains and take off for home. As they speed away from the island, their communicators begin blaring with calls from MEDUSA. The heroes check in and learn that Fracture and around a dozen Guardian robots are wreaking havok in the city. MEDUSA arranges for the heroes to drop their captives at the US Navy Aircraft Carrier Idaho.

After a brief stop on the carrier, the Eclipse jet back toward Pacifico.

Not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to go to the tropics...

Feeling more confident after their rest, the heroes of the Eclipse decide to take the advice of Flower Power and fly to the top of the hill where she indicates their equipment can be found in a large mansion. Photon Wave and the Valkyrie volunteer to stay in their hiding place to guard the two prisoners (Old Sparky and Magnus).
Reaching the top of the hill, the heroes do find a large mansion, and indeed, the term ‘large’ is an understatement – the doorways are 9’ tall!
Also, from the height of the top of the hill, the heroes can see that they are indeed on an island. The island is roughly kidney-shaped with two large hills. Both hills have what appear to be mansions atop them. The island is also ringed by no fewer than 6 defensive missile launchers. A smaller island lies off to the south.
They quickly perform a search of the ground floor of the mansion looking for their equipment and are surprised in a large gymnasium by a trio of villains: Blok, Rumble, and Dwarf Star. To add insult to injury, Rumble is using Photon Wave’s Devitalization Ray and Force Field generator, Dwarf Star is carrying the Valkyrie’s Shield, and Blok is wielding Curtana.
Rumble and Blok immediately converge their attacks on the White Fist dropping the hero to unconsciousness and near-death! Dwarf Star unsuccessfully attempts to pin Iron Wind to the ground using her gravity projector.
Still Hammer encases himself and Dwarf Star in darkness where the two battle ineffectively against each other. Several times the villainess escaped the darkness, but the hero immediately reshaped the darkness to re-encompass her.
The other heroes combine their attacks to take Rumble and the devitalization ray out of the fight and then combine their attacks against Blok reducing him to unconsciousness and causing Curtana to drop from the villain’s grasp.
Still Hammer drops the darkness so that the team can battle Dwarf Star as one, but the heroes are surprised to see Blok stand right back up again.
Still Hammer reestablishes the darkness around himself and Dwarf Star – but not before she is able to finally pin Iron Wind to the ground using gravity control. The Messenger and Flower Power battle Blok, but it becomes rapidly aware to the heroes that in order to defeat the villain, they will have to kill him as he seems willing to fight beyond exhaustion.
The Messenger quickly gathers Curtana and Photon Wave’s equipment along with the pinned Iron Wind and announces that it is time to leave. Still Hammer plunges the entire room into darkness except a small tunnel to the exit and the heroes successfully make their exit from the mansion returning to their hiding place in the storage sheds.
After a brief period of rest, the heroes again opt to leave for another try at their gear, but are discovered upon exiting the hiding place by a search party – the 9’ tall Fracture and the Sandblaster. The White Fist and Sandblaster trade a few blows (with the Sandblaster getting the worst of it) and the villain decides that it is time to ‘run for help’ and he takes off at high speed. The White Fist chases him down and knocks him out, but not before the villain is able to call for help.
Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes discover that Fracture is very difficult to land a blow on, so the heroes decide that retreat is the best option again. Picking up their slower members and their captives, the Eclipse takes off at high speed following White Fist leaving Fracture behind.
As the group catches up to White Fist, they are attacked from above by the disintegration ray of Windshear, but the villainess is no match for the combined might of the Eclipse and she is quickly reduced to unconsciousness and captured.
Not wanting to give Fracture a chance to catch up to them, the heroes decide to fly to the southern island to find a new place to hide. They discover that the island is a recreational complex with tennis courts, swimming pools, and rock climbing among other amenities. The hill on this island is rocky and craggy… perfect for finding nooks and crannies to hide in (especially when multiple heroes can use darkness control to increase the density of the shadows).

"Wait... I think I left my car keys in the cavern..."

The heroes of the Eclipse decided not to tempt fate and teleport to a random location. Instead, they moved up the north tunnel as a unit to face the Guardian they hear coming from that direction. Working together, the team quickly reduced the Guardian to scrap metal. Continuing up the tunnel, they reach the end only to discover an elevator.

The heroes decided not to utilize the elevator and instead race back south to encounter the Guardian that they heard coming from the other direction – meeting it in the central cavern. Again, the battle was short and the Guardian was dismantled.

Following the battle, the members of the Eclipse split their efforts in the main cavern:

  • Photon Wave examined the computer systems and discovered that they are far more advanced in design than anything he had ever seen before
  • The Valkyrie studied the medical records and readouts on the main set of consoles, but she was unable to determine the nature of the pink mist or the effects that the machine had on the heroes
  • The Messenger and Flower Power scout out the remaining two tunnels. The tunnel to the northeast leads into another large (but empty) cavern. The river flowing through the cave enters from underneath a wall in this tunnel. The cavern to the south ends in another elevator.
  • Still Hammer, the White Fist, and Iron Wind all take advantage of the opportunity to rest for a few minutes.

After 5 minutes, the heroes decided that they had stayed in this area for too long – especially when they heard the heaving footsteps of more approaching Guardians coming from the North and South. The group decided to assault the group in the south tunnel so that they did not have to defeat both groups at once. They quickly ran down the tunnel and quickly turned 4 additional Guardians into spare parts.

Continuing down the south tunnel, they entered the elevator (noticed that there are only 2 floors being serviced) and began the lengthy ascent from the cavern. The doors opened into another cave tunnel, but a short walk led them to a hillside cave entrance. From their position on the hill, the heroes could see a road leading from the cave mouth to a small cluster of buildings below. They could also smell the salt of the ocean which was visible to their left.

Disappointed at not finding the next level of the complex (where they hoped that their equipment was taken to), the group decided to reenter the cave and work their way to the other elevator. They approached the main cavern warily – not wanting to waste additional energy battling the other group of Guardians. The group decided to allow the Messenger to fly the rest of the heroes in small groups over the top of the cavernous ceiling to the elevator in the hopes that the Guardians would not notice them.

The plan worked to an extent… on his first trip over (carrying Photon Wave and the Valkyrie), he successfully avoided detection by the 4 Guardians now guarding the north tunnel. However – he was not fortunate enough to avoid the notice of the three villains that had teleported to the pad. The Greek Hero was quickly attacked by Bounceback, Magnus, and Old Sparky.

Turning tail quickly, the Messenger carried his passengers back to the rest of the group at the elevator where they quickly piled in and began the long ascent to the surface. The escape was short-lived however as about 13 seconds into the ascent, the elevator stopped and began moving down again.

The doors opened and the Eclipse saw the three villains. Old Sparky had his hand on the elevator’s call box – apparently using his electrical powers to control the elevator. Bounceback was farther down the hall preparing to pepper the heroes with power blasts, and Magnus was in flight, barreling down the hall at top speed towards the group.

White Fist, Iron Wind, and the Messenger quickly engaged Bounceback in hand to hand combat. Recognizing the threat that White Fist’s speed and skill represent, the villain lost no time in pulverizing the hero into unconsciousness with his power blast.

Old Sparky was beset by Photon Wave, Still Hammer, and the Valkyrie suffering large amounts of damage to his armored suit. He was then pinned to the floor by the Valkyrie’s gravity control power. With Sparky pinned, the heroes looked to team up on another villain when Sparky disappeared – only to reappear farther down the hall. The group continued to trade blows with the electrical villain until in desperation, Sparky teleported away before being defeated.

Magnus attacked Flower Power relentlessly – calling her a thief and saying that she would ‘never take it away from him!’ The pair seemed evenly matched until the heroine left herself open for an easy blow from the powerful villain and she was knocked unconscious. In his rage, Magnus continued to attack Flower Power’s prone form – intent on killing her. After his first blow landed, he stiffened up like a board and flew straight up into the ceiling at maximum speed - stunned and dazed, he attempted to fly into Still Hammer, but badly misjudged his aim and slammed directly into the floor of the cavern, knocking him out.

The remaining heroes then were able to concentrate their attacks on the difficult to hit Bounceback, and after a protracted battle were finally able to knock the slippery villain out (although not before Photon Wave discovered the reason for his name – after striking him with a laser beam, the attack bounced off of the villain and struck the surprised hero!)

After breathing a sigh of relief, the members of the Eclipse were surprised to discover that Flower Power had regenerated enough to regain consciousness and to strip the costume off of Magnus. She stood before them, confidently clad in Magnus’ costume and refused to remove it. Rather than press the issue at that moment, the heroes decided to indulge her.

Realizing that they needed to find a place to rest up, the Eclipse decided to go back up the south elevator and try to rest in the small cluster of buildings below. As they prepared to exit the cave, Flower Power pointed out several security cameras that they had not noticed previously and suggested that the group deal with them before exiting the cave.

They made their way down to the buildings, which they discovered to be a series of storage building with spare parts for the Guardians, robotic technicians and other technological devices. The Messenger suggested that he fly the two captives back to MEDUSA headquarters (“It should only take a few minutes!”) when Flower Power informed him that he would be attacked by the defense missiles. She also insisted that their equipment is probably in the mansion. When pressed to say what mansion she was referring to, the Heroine responded that she is sure Doctor Apocalypse would be the type to have a mansion and that is where he is probably holding their gear.

The group rests for an hour and a half before moving on…


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