The Eclipse

Giants... we had to follow up on the Giants...
Days 1-3 in the Reign of Photon Wave

Meanwhile… The Messenger andIron Wind fly to San Francisco where they encounter Kiloton – a 27’ tall bald giant with a HUGE laser cannon – rampaging through the city.

The pair engage the giant in battle and luck was with them as Kiloton was only able to land one crushing blow on the Messenger (after he corrected his golf swing for a baseball swing!) and a few weaker shots on Iron Wind before they were able to take him down.
MEDUSA agents swarm in to contain the situation. To their surprise, neither hero is able to budge the giant cannon! Heavy Duty cranes are found, and the weapon is sent to GEMINI for investigation.

Later that day, the heroes of the Eclipse meet with Agent Michaels to discuss the current issues facing the team including FORCE, SWORD, Doctor DNA and the bank robbers, the giant, the electronics company robbery, and the influence of the Pinyin family among others.

Michaels tells the heroes that Pit Boss and Masterini were at the old MEDUSA headquarters investigating the cell where Doctor Apocalypse was held. He also tells them that Kiloton’s trail of destruction led back into the ocean.

Surge tracks Kiloton’s trail of destruction into the ocean, but quickly loses the trail underwater.

Photon Wave and Agent Pillach set up a series of programs to search news outlets for keywords to set up an alert system for the heroes.

The next day, Photon Wave takes over as leader for his 1 week trial period.
Surge and the Messenger continue to search the ocean for signs of where Kiloton came from, but are unable to make any headway.

The Mayor of San Francisco calls. In gratitude for the victory of the previous day and other services, the city would like to honor the Eclipse with a key to the city. The San Francisco Giants have offered to host an Eclipse day at the ballpark for this purpose to be held in 2 days. The heroes accept.

The next day, Photon Wave sends Surge to search the Pinyin Properties metal shop where Iron Wind gets help with her armor repairs. Surge finds a storage room with several hundred suits of the armor in crates. He also finds a training facility underneath the metal works where Asian men are training in the use of the armor.

Meanwhile, the Messenger makes a side trip to Greece – specifically to the Oracle at Delphi. While meditating he experiences a dreamlike vision in which a cowled figure approaches him and offers benediction. He accepts and as the figure touches his head, the Messenger feels as if his head explodes. For an instant, he feels his consciousness stretched beyond the bounds of infinity. He then finds himself alone in his meditative position. Searching the mainland, he discovers no one that can connect his experience to anything related to Greek mythology.

The fledgling alert system delivers a Priority alert – A giant nearly identical to Kiloton has attacked Tokyo but was forced to retreat by a local hero group.

The team contacts the Japanese hero group and gets MEDUSA to coordinate with other coastal cities to be on the lookout for additional attacks.

Photon Wave calls Dr. Daniels at GEMINI and sets up an appointment for the following day.

The messenger returns to Greece and meditates on Mt Olympus.

The next morning, the team receives another Priority Alert from Brisbane, Australia. Another giant has attacked, but due to the warning, local heroes were able to drive it back into ocean before it could do any serious damage.

Using the three data points from the attacks, Photon Wave triangulates a location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Messenger and Surge go to check out the triangulated location.

At breakfast, Flower Power ‘listens’ to the head of the Pinyin breakfast group – to her surprise, despite his gracious exterior, he holds the heroes in a degree of contempt.

Photon Wave, Valkyrie, and Still Hammer go to GEMINI to meet with Dr. Daniels. Once they explain the circumstances behind the giant attacks and the triangulation, Dr. Daniels enters all of the pertinent data into his PC and almost immediately gets an alert.

Daniels takes the trio to meet Doctor Samuel Davis (astrophysicist) and explains that their systems are all networked to cross check unrelated departments for identical variables – in this case, the coordinates that Photon Wave supplied were also entered into the system by Dr. Davis on an unrelated matter. Dr. Davis reveals that the coordinates coincide with an unidentified meteor that splashed into the ocean several days ago.

While diving on the site, the Messenger and Surge come under laser cannon fire from below and flee

Surge goes back down under cover of darkness and discovers a large spaceship. When he attempts to enter the ship via the astral plane, he bounces off.

Photon Wave reports their findings to Michaels and discusses the potential complications of the ship being in international waters.

Later that night, the heroes go to the ballgame where they enjoy VIP treatment. Bobbleheads of Iron Wind and the Messenger are distributed to the kids in attendance; Iron Wind throws out the first pitch (with an assist by Still Hammer) to the Messenger; they enjoy the owner’s luxury suite; and they sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch.

Then, after the game, they mill about the concourse greeting the fans, signing autographs, and taking pictures when a small stampede of fans erupts from the back of the stadium. People are screaming that metahumans are attacking normal people!

The Bank and the Hostage Situation
Well - these didn't go quite as planned...

Photon Wave and Still Hammer head to the Bank where they learn that a stunted dwarf with magnetic powers and a metahuman with ice powers entered the bank, ripped the vault door off of its hinges and chased the patrons and employees out. After bathing the area in darkness to hopefully draw out their initial responses, the pair of heroes burst through the front door. They enter battle with Gletscher, but there is no sign of his dwarfish companion. After a minute, Photon Wave spies the invisible Dokkalfar and attacks – causing the dwarf to flee. Following his companions’ exit, Gletscher surrenders. An audit of the bank contents reveals that the only thing taken is a safe deposit box registered to a Doctor Lee Delane.

Flower Power, the Valkyrie, and Surge head over to the hostage situation. They learn that an unknown number of metahumans are holding around a dozen hostages on the 37th and 38th floors. One winged metahuman has been seen circling the building at a great height. Surge in his astral form scouts the situation out and reports that there are 13 hostages (one badly beaten) being watched by Ba Da Boom on the 38th (top) floor while Granitor is in a nearby office on a ‘special’ phone. The 37th floor is empty of people, but has been obviously searched.

Surge leads the flying metahuman (Death Kite away from the building while Flower Power and the Valkyrie enter through the open skylight. A brief fight results in Ba Da Boom and Death Kite being knocked out while Granitor holds a hostage by the throat demanding that the heroes drop their weapons and retreat. The ladies comply, but Surge (unable to hear the demands) continues the attack. Granitor crushes the hostage’s neck and throws him at the Valkyrie (who catches and revives him).

Granitor is able to get her hands on the office manager and repeats her demands that the heroes vacate the premises. The ladies leave while Surge remains invisibly. Granitor gets back on the special phone – which Surge immediately shorts out. She then pulls out a cell phone and makes a call. MEDUSA agents outside are able to monitor the cell phone communication – the villainess is demanding a helicopter from Franklin Emerson.

A brief interval later, an Emerson corporate helicopter arrives and Granitor loads her unconscious partners along with her hostage. The chopper takes off with the heroes in pursuit. Flower Power is able to put up an energy bubble around Granitor. At the same time, the co-pilot jumps from his seat and pushes Granitor out of the helicopter and he falls with the bubble. Flower Power flies to the helicopter to make sure the hostage is ok while Valkyrie flies to save the co-pilot and the villainess.

The pilot look sat Flower Power as she enters the chopper – winks at her, and places a Red Fedora on his head. Valkyrie flies up to discover that the co-pilot doesn’t need her help at all – he is Agent Alpha.

The members of the Paragon Society handle the public relations fallout of the event while the Eclipse trio returns to the Oberon Building. The following day, Franklin Emerson calls with his thanks and questions if there is anything that he or his company can do for the heroes. He does not, however, offer any details on what the villains were trying to steal.

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Surge scouts the main exit and sees that the AMEA forces are causing the Bio-Android army to retreat to the base – he then scouts the tunnel exit and discovers that the far side is empty – the defenders having apparently been defeated by another force with another spaceship. He also was seen by 4 large figures coming through the tunnel.

He warns the heroes that foes are coming and the Valkyrie and Messenger team up to block the tunnel entrance with the train while the rest prepare for another battle.

The train bursts away from the entrance in a huge explosion as seven bio-androids spill from the tunnel to attack the heroes. It stakes a brief time for the heroes to all see through the illusion and they find themselves in battle with Spyder, Black Panther, Silverback, and Headliner. They manage to capture Silverback and the Headliner, but the other two escape.

The Eclipse then decides to exit through tunnel – taking the prisoners to MEDUSA. Flower Power creates a box to carry the technological equipment, technicians, prisoners, the now unconscious 9 year-old Polynesian boy that is Aumakua, and the rest of her team. The Valkyrie uses gravity control to lessen the weight of the load and the Messenger flies the box through the tunnel.

Once in the open, the heroes see a large force of AMEA troops circling the area on what appear to be flying Segways. The Messenger is ordered to land by the AMEA – Flower Power tells him to continue on past the AMEA force to the MEDUSA HQ in Pacifico.
Once they arrive at the MEDUSA HQ, Agent Michaels wheels out to meet them. He is clearly afraid and panic stricken. He insists they return to Crimson immediately while reminding them that Crimson is very dangerous.

They return to the AMEA. Crimson is predictably very angry and insists that they hand over all prisoners and hardware. The AMEA forces install Neural Dampeners on all of the prisoners (even the apparently non-superpowered technicians) and loads them into a large transport. After he finishes screaming at Flower Power, Crimson insists that as team leader she come with him for debriefing. She agrees and the rest of the heroes return to the Oberon Building

The next morning Amber does not report for work.
Flower Power wakes up in a local hotel with no memory of her time with the AMEA. Aumakua is back to being an owl and hoots happily as she wakes up.

Worried about Amber, the heroes search her apartment. There is evidence that she left quickly, but no evidence of any foul play – the only clue that they find is a partial Center City newspaper clipping reporting on a murder at the waterfront. Further research at the library reveals the entire article, including a picture of several members of the Vanguard – including the heroine Astrid who looks just like Amber!

Photon Wave quickly contacts the Vanguard to see why Astrid would be undercover and infiltrating the Eclipse. Once White Star hears the basic details, she immediately teleports to the Oberon Building and fills the team in on the details of the activities of SWORD. It appears that Amber was not only a SWORD spy, but also a clone of the infamous Spinal Tap

Agent Michaels also pays them a visit. He takes them into their conference room, and using his special wheelchair, makes the area secure from listeners. He tells them that in the future, be exceedingly careful around the AMEA and Crimson in particular. They are a governmental body with little or no oversight – their activities makes the CIA look like a bunch of girl scouts. Furthermore, given the latitude with which he is able to work, Crimson is particularly aggressive… almost evil. Michaels knows that he in particular is a metahuman with significant mental abilities. Not all of the AMEA agents are metahuman, and not all of them are rotten… but enough are to be exceeding careful around them. As a final warning – he says that under no circumstances should any of the heroes ever find themselves alone with AMEA. Flower Power blushes.

The following day, the heroes are provided a replacement secretary by MEDUSA – Junior MEDUSA Agent Karen Pillach She goes to work immediately.

Later in the day, the heroes receive 3 simultaneous alerts

  • A Hostage crisis a few blocks away at a downtown office building
  • A Bank Robbery in the suburbs
  • An alert from San Francisco that a Giant is on a rampage in the downtown area

The heroes quickly split up to handle the triple threat.

A FORCE to be Reckoned With
Don't Lose Your Head Over It

The heroes of the Eclipse work their way through the complex following Surge’s directions. They descend an elevator which opens into a long hallway leading to the hidden train station. The heroes burst out and surprise the villains that are desperately trying to evacuate the base.

The heroes easily defeat the assorted villains, capturing Coven, Death Shroud, and Photon. They also defeat the costumed Doctor Mayfair (The Force). To their dismay, when the final blow lands on the doctor, he immediately begins to decompose rapidly – Doctor Mayfair is a Bio-Android!

An unnoticed video monitor flares to life and the heroes see the FORCE, Figment, and Firebug. The FORCE monologues for several minutes while cursing the heroes for foiling his plan.

The heroes capture the various technicians and begin removing hard drives from all of the computer units on the train. Meanwhile, the Messenger scouts out the main exit to see if it is safe to leave that way. As he approaches the exit hallway, he hears a huge crash. Peeking through the door, he sees that a spaceship-style craft has been used to batter through the outer blast door. Seeing several combatants enter the base, he hurriedly returns to the rest of the group.

Unwilling to face the likely army of Bio-Androids on the other side of the tunnel, the heroes opt to make a stand in the train station. Within 45 minutes, the attacking force exits the elevator. The heroes are faced by Morningstar, Silent Rage, the Hawk, and the Headhunter.

The villains visit a tremendous amount of damage to the heroes, culminating in a mighty swing by the Headhunter which severs Surge’s head from his neck. At that moment, Aumakua chose to activate his power to heal the assembled heroes – bringing Surge back from the dead. The heroes are able to force Headhunter to flee, but capture the remaining 3 villains.

Flower Power Takes a Beating

Flower Power and the Messenger arrive back to the rest of the group at the FORCE base. They report that the battles at the outskirts of the base are with two different groups. The battle at the front gates is between the AMEA forces and a small army of bio-androids. The battle at the sea approach to the base is between flying bio-androids along with anti-aircraft emplacements and an unknown force piloting what looks like spaceships.

Surge returns from his scouting and is happy to see Flower Power as he can only communicate telepathically while in his astral form. He warns the Eclipse that an enemy force is approaching and that they should get ready.

Still Hammer bathes the hallway on darkness as the doors at the far end of the hall burst open. The heroes prepare and engage Lupus, Tim, Deflector, and three gun toting men in battle. After 90 seconds of intense fighting, all of the supervillains are unconscious (Deflector was badly hurt by an arcing power surge from his deflection field projector following a critical strike from Still Hammer) along with two of the security guards (the third surrendered) and Flower Power.

The villains concentrated all of their attacks on Flower Power – it seems that they had instructions that they were obligated to follow…

After regenerating a bit, Flower Power and the Messenger take the captives to the Starbucks.

Surge reports that during his scouting, he saw that the remaining forces in the base are loading a rail car in an apparent attempt to escape. He also reports that he saw Doctor Mayfair in a white costume with a stylized ‘F’ barking instructions to the others.

The Battle with FORCE is Joined

The heroes officially enroll Surge as a probationary member and begin to plan their assault on the Washington FORCE base.

Surge mentions that when he leaves his body using astral projection, his physical body appears to be in a coma-like state. He suggests that perhaps Necalli is not recovering because he is no currently present in his body for some reason.

Crimson comes through with the necessary warrant and federal authority for the attack. The heroes plan to fly commercial, but are diverted at the airport onto a private AMEA military-style transport.

Looking at the satellite photos of the base, the heroes fly in from the land-side of the base skimming the tree tops to avoid detection. During their flight, they hear the sounds of battle coming from both the front gates of the compound and the sea approach to the compound.

They quickly arrive at the bunker doors that lead to the FORCE base where they surprise Comet, Hummingbird, and Figment along with a few shock troops. The heroes quickly dispatch Comet and Hummingbird. They also discover that the shock troops are bio-androids and that when they are incapacitated, they devolve into a puddle of goop and electrical components. Figment manages to escape invisibly.

Photon Wave takes Comet’s hand and places it on the biometric scanner on the bunker causing the doors to open. The heroes enter the bunker while the Messenger flies the two captives to the nearest official law enforcement group available – the Starbucks in Seattle. Cadet accepts the villains into custody, although he seems confused as to what the Eclipse is doing in their jurisdiction.

A Hot Time in the Country
A Cameo by Longhorn Tex

Back at the Oberon Building, the Messenger initiates a Leadership Debate – as a result, Flower Power is nominated as the probationary team leader.

All access codes to the HQ are changed to prevent Firebug’s access following his defection to the Church.

While at the Pinyin site getting her armor repaired, the shop workers ask Iron Wind if it is critical that her armor be repaired quickly. They offer an alternative solution and bring out another copy of her armor (stamped 0001 on the elbow guard) and offer to loan her the copy while they work on the original. She accepts the offer.

The following morning, the heroes get a call for help from an independent hero known as Surge. He is based in the Mendocino area and this morning saw what looked like a meteor fall into the state park. Upon investigation, he discovered what looked like a spaceship in the cult compound and a battle going on between two forces. Now a fire is raging out of control in the area and it is too much for him to deal with alone.

The heroes quickly go north to meet Surge. The group meets with the local head of the National Guard, and they are given official status to take whatever means are necessary to stop the fire – including entering the cult compound.

Iron Wind refuses to enter the cult property. Instead, she is flown up high at the property line by the Messenger so that she has a good vantage point to control the weather. She stops the wind and creates a tremendous rainstorm to battle the fire.

The rest of the heroes enter the compound and discover evidence of a huge battle. At the center of the compound, they find the spot where a ship of some kind had landed – but they do not find evidence of any combatants. They do find (and take samples of) piles of goop with electronic components mixed in. They are able to save one of the buildings in the central compound by depriving it of oxygen and allowing the fire to burn out.

The heroes fan out from the center in the search for survivors of the fire. As they move farther out, they find further evidence of a running battle. They also begin finding dead bodies – lots of them. The dead appear to be cultists ranging in age from infant to aged. They do find 13 survivors of various ages. A mental scan of the survivors reveals that the ship(s) were manned by humans in silver combat suits accompanied by a large black man in an African tribal costume complete with an axe and shrunken human skulls attached to his belt.

After the survivors are evacuated and the fire departments and National Guard arrive to help contain the fire, the heroes search the main compound area. In the ruins of the main building, they discover a sealed steel door in the floor. Once opened, it reveals a spiral staircase going down that leads to a reception area. After taking a further trip down an elevator shaft, they discover an underground medical facility containing human sized tube-containers similar (but not identical) to the ones that they were imprisoned in on Doctor Apocalypse’s island.

Following a noise, the heroes open a door to find Longhorn Tex! He expresses annoyance that it has taken them so long to catch up with him. Not fooled by the illusion, the heroes are prepared when the façade drops and they are attacked by a group of metahumans in the room. They find themselves facing Monsoon, Headliner, Wildcat, the Beholder, Longarm, and Morningstar. A titanic battle erupts with tremendous damage being dished out on both sides. During the fight, the heroes also discover another invisible opponent: the Wild Boar.

Once the Morningstar is defeated by a concentrated attack by the heroes, the Beholder runs to his prone body and teleports away. The remainder of the villains flee, leaving the unconscious forms of Monsoon and Wildcat to be taken into custody.

A further search of the facility reveals the following information:

  • There were two obvious groups ransacking the facility – the inhabiting group that evacuated while grabbing everything that they could and destrying what they cound not; and the attacking group that ransacked what was left.
  • The group behind the cult refers to itself as FORCE
  • FORCE has another base in Washington State
  • A damaged tube is discovered with a partially grown bio-android – the android looks like Flower Power.

Upon their return to the Oberon Building, they find a message from Agent Michaels stating that they have located the Mount Sinai. It is at a private dock in Washington state.

Made to Feel Unwelcome at Church
Exit of the Insect

The heroes of the Eclipse debate on how best to discover if Doctor Orson Mayfair is at the Church compound.

The Messenger calls Agent Michaels to see about a getting warrant to search the church compound. Michaels says that it could take 2-3 days to go through official channels – and that asking Crimson for it would be faster.

Firebug talks Iron Wind into posing as disillusioned metahumans looking to join the ‘Religious Organization’ (CULT!). They fly toward the compound with Photon Wave and the Valkyrie trailing behind in one of their cars to be onsite in the event that the pair needs help getting out of the compound

Disciple Aaron Cowler returns the Messenger’s earlier call to the compound. The two set a meeting for early that afternoon at the Oberon Building.

Halfway to the complex, Iron Wind suddenly realizes that Firebug has no intention of leaving the cult once he is inside. She orders him to the ground and waits for the others to catch up so they can revisit the plan. They opt to wait where they are until after Messenger’s meeting with Cowler.

Messenger practices for the meeting going over his expected questions and responses. He uses Amber to monitor the meeting to discover any attempts of mind control or other influence by Cowler.

Disciple Cowler meets with Messenger. He states that he is familiar with the Doctor, but does not know where he is at present. He offers to set up a meeting that afternoon with Reverend Kinkaid if that would be helpful. The Messenger accepts and alerts the rest of the team.

The Eclipse meets at the gate to the compound. After identifying themselves, they are met by Initiate Timothy Clarke. He escorts them to the central compound in a unique vehicle – a floating tube similar to a subway car. It appears to utilize technology similar to maglev, but there are no rails or other guides. Photon Wave is especially interested in the technology.

On the trip to the compound’s center, they do see evidence of significant development hidden under the canopy.

They meet with Reverend Kinkaid (escorted by two bodyguards) in the main building. After pleasantries, he tells the heroes that Mayfair was granted use of his yacht (Mount Sinai) for personal reasons. Mayfair is not a member of the Church, but rather an old personal friend.

As heroes are escorted back to the vehicle, they are ambushed in the central compound by Tim, the bodyguards, and several invisible or hard to see opponents. The cultists are joined by several of the armored troops that attacked the heroes at the Oberon Building a week prior.

Firebug attempts to move the Reverend out of harm’s way, but is encased in ice. Kinkaid spends the battle in a state of near-immobility on the periphery of the fight.

The heroes are able to identify Tim, the bodyguards (Comet and Lupus), and the minuscule Hummingbird. They are unable to find or identify at least three other combatants.

Taking significant damage, the heroes are forced to flee. Firebug avoids the grasp of the Messenger and opts to remain behind. The heroes feel that the former juvenile delinquent is lost to them.

Upon their return to the Oberon Building, they discover that a warrant for a search of the compound had arrived that afternoon from Crimson.

Agent Michaels is called to see if MEDUSA can track down Kinkaid’s boat.

Finishing Up in the Aztec Nation

The fights Continue

The heroes of the Eclipse stand around the defeated bodies of the two alien ‘gods’ and they immediately move forward with the ceremony.

Still Hammer and the Messenger join Juan, Isabella, and Necalli to imprison the magical beings.

Several things happen simultaneously:

1. Flower Power cries out that another armed force is approaching the city – a force that appears to be led by another ‘god’
2. Isabella gives Necalli a shocked look as she suddenly realizes that Xipe Totec is no longer imprisoned in the Mexican’s mind.
3. Necalli suddenly activates his magic absorption power – eliminating all magical abilities within the temple
4. Photon Wave calls out that someone is running up the stairs into the temple

Flower Power and FireBug exit the temple to separate the Aztec and Spanish armies in an attempt to preserve the timeline

A small group of priests burst into the temple, and with Necalli, attack the remaining heroes.

Necalli’s first action is to release the pent-up magic in a burst. As a result of the burst, the two ‘gods’ disappear and Juan is knocked comatose.

The heroes successfully defeat Necalli and the priests and they learn that Xipe Totec overwhelmed Necalli’s mind months ago and that Necalli has been unwillingly working for the aliens planing this since then.

Xipe Totec returned to the past while Necalli engineered the escape of the other 2 aliens from their confinement. Xipe Totec defeated the small force that Cortes sent to defeat Narvaez – and taking Narvaez’s place, went to Cuba to get more soldiers to defeat Cortes.

Looking from the top of the temple, the heroes see a small force of glowing Cubans advancing ahead of the main force – obviously heading to strike at Cortes.

The Eclipse defeats the force of enhanced Cubans – but at high cost – Still Hammer, the Valkyrie, and Iron Wind all lay unconscious and the remaining heroes are sorely wounded and exhausted.

Is It a Dream?

Still Hammer finds himself drifting and then approaching a torch-lit temple room. He arrives to find Juan and Necalli talking with the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl confirms that Necalli has been sorely used by the aliens and that Juan is on the razor’s edge between life and death.

He also says that the three aliens must be defeated here and now or all creation could be lost. Quetzalcoatl cannot, however, act directly and must instead act through agents. He offers Still Hammer the opportunity to act as the Aztec Champion – a role that will come with some sacrifice.

Still Hammer accepts and is given the mantle of Quetzalcoatl providing him with amazing powers including the power to heal his friends.

The Final Confrontation

Once healed by Still Hammer, the members of the Eclipse charge the approaching force. Still Hammer generates an illusory army of Aztec warriors to confront the Cubans while the Eclipse attacks the aliens.

A titanic struggle between the opposing forces erupts with tremendous damage dealt on both sides – but the heroes are victorious.

In the aftermath of the battle, Quetzalcoatl appears with the unconscious forms of Juan and Necalli and asks Still Hammer if he is ready to make his sacrifice. Quetzalcoatl places one hand upon Still Hammer’s brow and stretches his other hand towards the 3 aliens. A soft glow encompasses the area which grows steadily stronger until everyone is blinded by the glow. Then suddenly, the glow is gone and the heroes find themselves on a highway in Mexico City.

They return to the Oberon Building to discover that they have been gone from their own time less than 3 hours.

Coming Next….

The heroes begin the healing process along with the repair of Iron Wind’s armor and the charging of Photon Wave’s technological gear.

The Messenger remembers their deadline to locate Dr. Orson Mayfair is rapidly approaching and he begins research into the Church of Divine Ressurection and their complex.

He leaves a message on their phone system asking for information regarding one of their members.

Puny Gods

True to form, the heroes of the Eclipse debated for some time before deciding to hop through time. The ultimate decision was to try to arrive at a point in time prior to the final battle and eliminate the gods before they can have an effect on the time stream.

After a few jumps to narrow down their date range, the group picked a date and set out. They were able to identify the main temple from a distance and flew in quickly to catch the Aztecs by surprise.

An amazingly brief fight ensued with titanic blows from the heroes shredding the Aztec’s defenses.

When the dust settled, the two gods along with Toa Culcum and a dozen Aztec warriors were lying unconscious.

Necalli opened up a psychic switchboard and announced that the battle between the Aztecs and the Spaniards is being joined – surprisingly, the Aztecs are issuing forth from the city to attack the entrenched Spanish forces…

And there is still the question about what to do with the unconscious gods…


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