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  • Totem

    TOTEM is an international terrorist organization that stands out among others of their ilk through their aggressive use and recruitment of metahuman agents. They have been highly successful during the 1980's at locating and drawing in metahumans, which …

  • Denny Stoyer

    Denny is the 5 year-old son of Margaret Stoyer. He was born and raised in the town of [[Woodamsville]] in Jefferson County New York. His mother claims that the child has shown some metahuman abilities although she has not revealed any details on …

  • Amerikorp LLC

    Amerikorp LLC is a dummy corporation connected ot the terrorist organization [[Totem]]. Totem has used this corporation to purchase materials and vehicles for use in its US Based terror plots.

  • Totem Mark II Rifle

    The Totem Mark II Rifle is a weapon provided to rank and file [[Totem]] members when on a mission. The rifle resembles a bulky, black ray gun out of a Star Wars movie. It fires beams of energy that do devitilization damage in addition to physical damage.