Agent Kyle Michaels as Seven/Eleven (retired) was one of the founding members of the High Rollers superhero group station in Las Vegas.

During his career, Seven/Eleven was a flamboyant, gregarious hero well suited for life in Vegas. He fought with the High Rollers during the Space Pirate Invasion and was severely injured. suffering paralysis in both legs due to the severing of his spinal cord. He is now confined to his power-wheelchair.

Now forcibly retired from crime-fighting, he has passed on his legacy to his protege, Masterini. He also has been recruited by MEDUSA to serve as a liason officer with the subordinate groups within the High Rollers’ territory.

Known Powers/Abilities:

  • Magic Dice with various effects (now in the possession of Masterini)
  • Extreme Endurance
  • Tactical Genius
  • Weaponized Wheelchair


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