Arthur Morris

Arthur Morris is an old man – 72 at the very least – But he appears to be no older than mid-40’s.

Morris’ mother was a native of the Magic World who ‘crossed over’ to conceive, bear, and raise her child in the material world. On rare occasions, the inhabitants of the Magic World can cross over if they know the proper spells.

She taught him that the Magic World is led by evil beings looking to supplant and conquer other planes of existence. She died when he was younger, but he is not without abilities. These abilities include:

  • Longevity: he is 72 years old but appears only to be in his mid-40’s
  • Magical skills, but they are defensive mostly and totally untrained and difficult to control. He has shown the ability to encase himself in a devensive globe of light and the ability to use the light to revitalize his companions.
  • Sensitivity to the proximity of the Magic World.
  • Healing and Revivication

He is also a Professor of Psychology at George Mason University. One of his former students, Harry Coyle is also sensitive to the Magic World – even more so than Arthur is.

Morris has met the Vanguard and has related the following information

During their trip to the magic world, he physically changed into a more demonic form.

Also while in the magic world, he was struck by a concentrated magic beam from the Portal by Delphine. He disappeared in an explosion of greenish mist. He was sent to a limbo-like dimension. He escaped from that dimension to the dimension of his birth and arrived in the nick of time to help the Vanguard defeat the undead dragon from the Dusking

Arthur Morris

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