California Republic


The California Republic originated as a period of revolt against Mexico initially proclaimed by a handful of American settlers in the Mexican territory of Alta California in June of 1846.

The Republic declared independence from Mexico, but they did not form a functional government. Thus, the “republic” never exercised any real authority, and it was never recognized by any nation.

The revolt lasted 26 days, at the end of which the U.S. Army arrived to occupy the area. Once the leaders of the revolt knew the United States was claiming the area, they disbanded their “republic” and supported the U.S. federal effort to annex Alta California.

Dissenting members of the Republic’s power structure went underground and kept the dream of an Independent California alive.

Today, the California Republic is considered a terrorist group by the Department of Homeland Security and is being actively sought for crimes against the country.

They have been encountered by the Eclipse at a Pacifico Surge home game. The CR was attempting to capture an metahuman telepath.

They also made an attempt to capture the San FranPsycho for recruitment.

The group has also been shown to be linked to Doctor Apocalypse

Known Metahuman Agents of the California Republic

California Republic

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