The Church of Divine Resurrection is an American religious group based in northern California, founded in 1979 and is led by the Reverend Charles Kinkaid.

The group began when Kinkaid was recovering from a heart attack during which he claimed to have had a near-death experience. He came to believe that he was “the ONE”, that is, the witness spoken of in the Book of Revelation. He began traveling around the United States giving talks about his belief system and gathering followers. As with some other New Age faiths he combined Christian doctrine (particularly the ideas of salvation and apocalypse) with the concept of evolutionary advancement – a philosophy that resonated deeply with adolescent metahumans that were coming into their powers. Many of the church members are indeed metahumans, but it is not a requirement for membership.

In 1986 Kinkaid purchased a large parcel of property on the outskirts of Mendocino Woodlands State Park where he has established a high security compound – the CDR Ranch.

The Church of Divine Resurrection is widely denounced as a cult. There are many claims of brainwashing and of members being held against their will by the families of CDR members.

There is an obvious tie between the Church and FORCE as the Eclipse discovered a hidden underground FORCE base beneath the Ranch


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