CDR Ranch

The CDR Ranch is the high security compound that serves as the main Base of Operation for the Church of Divine Resurrection

The Ranch sits on a 640 acre parcel of property that was once a part of the Mendocino Woodlands State Park. The property was purchased in 1986 by the Reverend Charles Kinkaid.

Construction on the compound was completed in 1988.

The Ranch property is heavily wooded with old growth redwood trees. The compound sits in the center of the property.

There is one access road leading through the forest to the compound.

The perimeter of the property is ringed by a 15’ electrified security fence.

The Ranch was attacked by an unknown force with significant firepower resulting in a high fatality count among cult members.

During the attack, a large forest fire was ignited. The fire was extinguished through the combined efforts of the Eclipse, the National Guard, and various fire departments. The Ranch has sustained significant fire and combat damage.

After the fire, an abandoned FORCE base was discovered under the main compound buildings.

CDR Ranch

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