Character Generation Rules

Stats: Roll 4d6 and take the best 3 Place values in place in the order rolled

Reroll Options – Select ONE reroll option
  1. d4 add to any one stat
  2. d20 keep the better number
  3. d30 keep the roll
Weight Players option – choose between:
  1. 5d6×10
  2. 5d4×10
  • d4+3 rolls on the charts
  • one roll must be on the powers chart: this power cannot be dropped (all players must have at least one super-power
  • one roll (determined before roll) can be selected from any chart following the roll
  • remainder of rolls – chart is determined before the roll
  • 1 roll
  • The character can remove the weakness by deleting one power (chosen after the roll)
Character Points

The character starts with 5 number of character points, a high school education, and a menial labor job .

Character Points can be spent on the following options:
  • weight: Plus or Minus 25 lbs.
  • Statistic: +1 to the stat of choice
  • Attack Bonus: +1 bonus to hit with a specific attack/weapon
  • Damage Bonus: +1 damage with a specific attack/weapon
  • Defense Bonus: -1 to be hit when aware of an attack
  • Skills: specific ‘normal’ ability or education – this comes with no pre-requisite during character creation

Character Generation Rules

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