Project ‘Spinal Tap’

An early member of SWORD’s super-powered cadre was the super-villainess Spinal Tap. She was created as a clone from the DNA of CIA Agent Annamarie Kurz by SWORD scientist Dr. Evan Pastor.

Spinal Tap’s Powers included:

  • Telepathy – physical contact required
  • Force Field
  • Non-Corporealness
  • Paralysis Ray
  • Death Touch
  • Astral Projection
  • Through Concentration, she could maximize a physical property including strength, agility, or speed among others
  • Illusion generation – personal appearance only

Spinal Tap was active for a period of 13 years. Due to the haste in which the clone was created, she became increasingly erratic and difficult to control. in 1965 the clone was captured and put into cryogenic storage (packaged).

In 1986, Zed and Dr. Ivan Kolneziewski received permission to revisit the clone project. They recruited Dr. Pastor and immediately began growing 12 new clones from Spinal Tap. This time opting to take their time and grow the clones naturally.

Clones Identified:

  • #5: Astrid
  • #8: Amanda Kellar: Professor of Political Science at Boston College (deceased) Killed by the members of the Vanguard. Body currently in the custody of GEMINI Boston.
  • #9: Alice Kohen (deceased) Killed by unknown assailant in Center City

In 2002, they also recruited Dr. Lars Kopernik, and in conjunction with Zed and Dr. K, the three worked on developing synthetic memory with the rationale that the synthetic memory would give them a significantly higher ability to program and control the clones. They founded Sysgen as a cover organization.

Scientists Leading the Project

  • “Zed” – deceased
  • Dr. Lars Kopernik (formerly with GEMINI – Boston Office) — deceased
  • Dr. Ivan Kolneziewski – deceased
  • Dr. Evan Pastor

Related Timeline

1944 Annamarie Kurtz’s (32) wedding to Arthur Kurtz (52)

1947 AK’s disappearance (search called off after 3 months – visit from ‘MIB’ looking guys)

1952 Spinal Tap’s Emergence – Arthur Kurtz dies

1965 ST’s disappearance

2007 SWORD project under Zed/Ivan

2008 Astrid’s first appearances

2009 campaign starts (stepson is 89)

2011 Recall date


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