Doctor DNA

Known Powers:
  • Genetic manipulation
  • Teleportation
  • Cellular disruption
  • Healing touch?

Dr. DNA had been identified as Dr. Lee Delane. He is a genetics expert and has developed a serum with which he can turn ordinary humans into super-powered beings over which he has exhibited a level of control.

People exposed to his serum go into a zombie-like trance during which they require minimal food/water intake and only respond to direct questions. This trance-like state lasts anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks (best guess as there are civilians that have been in the trance for 3+ weeks). The victims blood type changes to O+

Once they emerge from the trance, they immediately manifest their super powers.

Dr. DNA worked originally with a minor group of villains called the Errants. The Errants have all been captured by the Vanguard (with the exception of Miragi who was killed by Scuz). His original goal was to taint the Center City Reservoir with his serum, but he was thwarted.

His home base has recently been discovered and taken over by the Vanguard along with all of his technical apparatus.

Dr. DNA escaped from the assault on his base.

HE subsequently staged a raid on the Center City Prison with the coerced assistance of a number of the Fuzzies.

Following the assault, Dr. Delane was captured – but he has no memory of the previous month or of his activities as Dr. DNA. (This has been confirmed by the psychic Stanislaw.

The fuzzy Marie Baldrick is missing following the attack – Dr. Delane was captured inside her cell.

Doctor DNA

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