Per Arthur Morris, the ‘Magic World’ is another dimension/plane of existence from where all magic is accessed. The Magic World periodically through history has interacted to some degree with the material world. Its power to affect this world ebbs and flows depending on its proximity and is the root of a large number of fairy tales, myths, and fantasy stories. The Magic World is currently getting stronger… more so than it has in generations.

The denizens of Magic World may be attempting to anchor their world to this one. They seek to supplant the natural laws of this world with their own. Twice before in history, the denizens of Magic World have attempted to anchor their world to this one. Both times, heroic efforts of the defenders of the material world repulsed the invaders and restored the natural order… Morris refers to these incidents as Atlantis and Camelot.

Morris revealed that his mother was a native of the Magic World and that she ‘crossed over’ to conceive, bear, and raise her child in the material world. On rare occasions, the inhabitants of the Magic World can cross over if they know the proper spells. She taught him that the Magic World is led by evil beings looking to supplant and conquer other planes of existence. She died when he was younger.

Harry Coyle refers to the magic world as the ‘Dusking’ and Identified the fog off of the Maryland coast as a gateway to the Dusking.

Along with Morris, the Vanguard journeyed into the fog and discovered that it was actually an In-between world (neither the Magic World or the Material World) that the Dusking villain Baron Zelmut was using as a tool to anchor the Dusking to the Material World permanently.

After a confrontation with the vampire lord, the Vanguard negotiated a deal by which the in-between world would be destroyed for 1000 years, severing the anchor point for 10 generations.

Evidence shows that Baron Zelmut has followed the heroes into their world and may be setting up in New York City to challenge another purported sorcerer Lee Sung


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