FORCE Bio-Android

FORCE has developed the technology to create human androids that incorporate biological material in their makeup. These androids appear 100% human and can withstand cursory examination by medical personnel.

The Eclipse first encountered a Bio-Android while trying to protect presidential candidate Marc Sebastian from an assassination attempt.

They also discovered a partially grown Bio-Android during the raid of a FORCE base underneath the CDR Ranch that was designed to look like Flower Power

It is unknown at this time if Bio-Androids grown from the DNA of metahumans will also display the super-abilities of their donor.

When a Bio-Android is forcibly reduced to unconsciousness, they immediately devolve into a puddle of goop and circuitry

Bio-Androids have been shown to be able to be outfitted with specialized equipment to mimic other powers including:

  • Flight
  • Electrical Powers
  • Sonic Abilities

FORCE Bio-Android

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