GEMINI: Greater Engineering Mechanics and Innovation in the Name of Invention

GEMINI is a privately funded think-tank that deals in ‘bleeding-edge’ technology. Dr. Emmett Sampson and Dr. Edgar Krohn founded GEMINI in 1976 following their resignation from MEDUSA where they worked in research and development.

Within 6 months, the two founders invented 2 key componants that eventually enabled NASA to launch the Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1977.

Within short order, the two scientists began attracting talented scientist and inventors from around the globe. By 1980, GEMINI was a multi-national corporation with assets reaching into the billions.

Today, GEMINI considers itself a true research organization. Their employees have a predominantly free hand to engage in scientific research. Once a project progresses to the point where it is less about innovation and more about application, its rights are sold to another organization

Due to the nature of its research, GEMINI has historically often found itself the target of espionage and super-powered attacks

GEMINI has demonstrated a significant ability to defend its own borders. Through their releationsip, the Vanguard has observed defenses such as the GEMINI Guardsmen as well as a hardening foam deployer, EMP generators, and protections against Astral/Etheral intrusion.

Relations with hero groups
  • As a result of some “misunderstandings” between GEMINI and members of the Vanguard, the relationship between the two organizations can be said to be lukewarm at best.
  • The Vanuard has delivered one of the Astrid clones (#8) that had been killed to the Center City branch
Center City GEMINI Personnel Encountered by the Vanguard
Boston GEMINI Personnel Encountered by the heroes


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