Devon Krillch is a German-born naturalized citizen.

He joined forces with childhood friend Gunnar Petlek who had become a successful drug dealer in Center City. Devon served as his bodyguard.

Following the defeat of Doctor DNA’s spider robot, Grey Mist failed to take the decaying power source to safety over the ocean. Devon was present at a drug deal that was bathed in the radiation of the explosion – turning him into Gletscher (Trans: Glacier).

He is a member of Magnetscher Norden

During a heist early in 2009, Magnetscher Norden encountered Bishop Fairwell. After a brief confrontation, Wisp, Bastion and Strahlung agreed to give themselves up. The three are now housed in the New Jersey State Penitentiary.

Gletscher was captured by members of the Eclipse when encountered with Døkkálfar during a bank robbery in Pacifico.

Known Powers Include:

  • Ice Powers
  • Glacier generation
  • psionic negation
  • body heat absorbtion


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