Helen White

Helen is from a poor family. When she was old enough to dodge the truancy officers she left home for better opportunities. She often passed as a boy, doing odd jobs in rail yards and stockyards. Helen travelled all over the country, following work and opportunity. Her only personal rule was to not steal from anyone who would be hurt by the loss – stealing a shirt from a big department store was fine but stealing from a clothesline was not.

She got a job as a digger on an archeological site in the Midwest. She soon realized the opportunity to make money from her discoveries and learned all she could from the site’s lead professor. He recognized her intelligence and interest, but unfortunately did not understand her motives. When he discovered she was selling some of the lesser finds he banned her from the site, and refused to speak with her again. He did not, however report her to any authorities, nor did he blacklist her with other digs.

She soon teamed up with a less-reputable team heading to the orient. She had an excellent nose for a find, leading the team to make some excellent discoveries. Her impatience for a sale grated on some of the others, who would rather wait for an opportunity for more money, or even keep some of the finds.

After one too many arguments about how quickly she was getting paid, Helen split off from the team, preferring to work on her own.

She loves a challenge, and will do almost anything for the right price. She often makes ends meet between expeditions doing freelance work for the Paragon Society

Helen White

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