Longarm is a tall (6’2") man that dresses in a garish red/black costume. He is heavily muscled and decidedly good looking.

He encountered the Vanguard in the battle in the SWORD headquarters in New York City. During the battle in the lab, he was wearing a white lab coat identical to those of the scientists that were also present. It is unknown at this time if he was also functioning as a scientist at the time.

He was arrested after the battle, and was quickly bailed out.

He was part of the SWORD team that attempted to kidnap Astrid in Central Park.
He was arrested after the battle and has again been bailed out.

Powers he has displayed:

  • Force Field Generation
  • Heightened Strength

He is a confirmed SWORD agent.

He has since been encountered by the Eclipse in a recently abandoned FORCE base. He is currently at large.


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