Magnetscher Norden

Members Include:

Døkkálfar was a drug supplier and Gletscher and Strahlung were his bodyguards.

Bastion, Soundwave, and Wisp were local gang members (Death Lords)negotiating a deal for his latest shipment.

During the battle with the Spider Robot, when Grey Mist failed to get the decaying power core out to sea before the explosion, the 6 were dosed in the strange energy that gave them their powers.

In addition to their base powers, the radiation connected them all in a very special way. They share a limited telepathic link and can pool their energy into a community battery.

Soundwave (age 15) was captured in the first encounter with the Vanguard. He is currently being watched by Stanislaw and Devea.

Xue Zen believes that he can be turned from evil.

Wisp has also been captured in a subsequent meeting. She was placed in Vanguard custody and was assisting them at their headquarters prior to her recapture/rescue by members of the gang

Following an encounter with Bishop Fairwell, Bastion, Strahlung, and the Wisp all surrendered to authorities and are currently imprisoned awaiting trial.

The current whereabouts of Døkkálfar and Gletscher are unknown.

Magnetscher Norden

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