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The Main Wiki Page will serve as the depository for Campaign specific information and reference materials. If there is any specific information that a player would like to see on the Wiki – please let me know.

Character Mechanics

Background Information

Organizations active Around Pacifico

  • AMEA – American Metahuman Enforcement Agency: a Secret Government Agency affiliated in some way with MEDUSA – the exact nature of the relationship is unknown
  • Cadecus – Washington DC based technological think-tank headed by the retired superhero the Marksman.
  • GEMINI – Greater Engineering Mechanics and Innovation in the Name of Invention: a private think-tank that deals in ‘bleeding-edge’ technology. GEMINI has historically often found itself the target of espionage and super-powered attacks
  • MEDUSA – Metahuman Enforcement Department, United States of America
  • The Paragon Society

Villain Groups Encountered by the Eclipse

Other Villains Encountered by the Heroes

Other Prominent NPC’s Met by the Hero Group

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