MEDUSA: Metahuman Enforcement Department, United States of America

In the 1960’s, the United States government began taking notice that the villains and vigilantes present in the country were evolving from technologically enhanced, skilled normal humans to super-powered humans. Domestic law enforcement agencies were becomming increasingly unsuited for the enforcement of the law in the face of super-opposition.

MEDUSA was formed in 1964 as a special branch of the FBI. It was tasked with the investigation of all super-powered individuals (metahumans) as well as their capture and incarceration if necessary.

MEDUSA agents of the 1960’s generally resembled the masked heroes of the 1950’s – skilled agents with technological equipment. To assist their agents, MEDUSA out of necessity included significant research and development labs to keep their field agents properly equipped.

Through the 1970’s, the nation’s population of metahumans continued to grow – both in number and in power level. In 1975, MEDUSA began actively recruiting metahumans as field agents. Today, MEDUSA continues to employ metahuman field agents – but not all agents are metahumans.

In 1984, the FBI created a specialized department (CHESS) to perform MEDUSA’s primary role of Enforcement. MEDUSA agents began to focus primarily on the Investigation and Administrative tasks necessary to keep tabs on the nation’s growing population of Metahumans

1n 1990, the federal government enacted the Metahuman Charter legislation – formalizing the requirements for metahumans to act within the law as well as the legal protections that masked heroes to this point had been lacking. MEDUSA was given the responsibility of overseeing the Sanctioned hero groups formed by the MC Legislation.


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