The following are names of groups and/or individuals that are known to the general public

The presence of the name here does not guarantee that they will be encountered through the campaign. They are included as background information only at this time

  • CHESS – Central Headquarters, Espionage Science and Security: THE spy company in the United States. Created in 1984 and nominally under the Jurisdiction of the FBI, CHESS is responsible for Metahuman Enforcement. If a hero goes rogue, you can bbe sure that CHESS will be after them.
  • California Republic: The California Republic is a Wanted terrorist organization. Its stated goals include the creation of an Independent California (under their rule of course)
  • Doctor Apocalypse: Doctor Apocalypse is an extremely powerful supervillain famous for his attempt to violently take over the East Coast of the United States in the early 90’s. The Doctor has access to extremely high level technology (has demonstrated the ability to generate super-storms and attacked NYC with a massive modular robot) as well as access to a wide range of powers from another dimension. He did not participate( to the best of your knowledge) in repelling the Pirate invasion.
  • FORCE – (acronym Unknown): It is not known whether FORCE refers to an organization or an individual. FORCE has been active in recent years in major cities up and down the West Coast. FORCE has been known to use normal henchmen as well as super-powered henchmen. FORCE also has access to a source of high-technology weaponry
  • GEMINI – Greater Engineering Mechanics and Innovation in the Name of Invention: a private think-tank that deals in ‘bleeding-edge’ technology. GEMINI has historically often found itself the target of espionage and super-powered attacks
  • MEDUSA – Metahuman Enforcement Department, United States of America
  • PITs – Paranormal Investigation Team: A private mercenary company founded to fill the void left by the disappearance of so many heroes. Primarily a technological ‘army’
  • RAT – Rent a Terrorist: Similar to TECH, RAT is an underworld organization that hires out its resources to the highest bidder. RAT specializes in super-powered mercenaries
  • TECH – (Acronym unknown): A shadowy underworld organization providing technological support (weapons, vehicles, mercenary soldiers, etc.) to the highest bidder. ‘Branch Offices’ are periodically found in most major cities
  • Totem – (Acronym Unknown): Organization operating out of the South American Continent. It is an international terrorist organization that stands out among others of their ilk through their aggressive use and recruitment of super-agents. Their agents have made periodic appearances up and down the East Coast


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