Doctor Orson Mayfair is an expert in the field of biochemistry. Mayfair is a short (5’6") dumpy individual with a balding head. He is nearsighted and wears corrective glasses to compensate.

His work with BIO-Deen is acclaimed worldwide.

Following the attack on Congressman Marc Sebastian, and his subsequent revelation as a synthetic bio-android, the members of the Eclipse discovered that he had mysteriously vanished from BIO-Deen.

His last known whereabouts connected him with Reverend Charles Kinkaid.

He is wanted by the AMEA.

During the Eclipse attack on the FORCE base in Washington, Dr. Mayfair was seen in super-villain costume and appears to be The Force. Following his defeat during the battle, he immediately began to decompose revealing himself as a bio-android.

The FORCE then video called the Eclipse along with Figment and Firebug, taunting that they would never capture the real FORCE.

His current whereabouts are unknown


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