Paragon Society

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The Paragon Society was founded in 1979 by Donald Pendragon, Hephaestus D. Hix, the enigmatic Red Fedora, physician Lloyd Merryweather, and an American operative referred to as Agent Alpha. The Society was formed after the group had worked together to solve a particularly bizarre and unusual series of crimes culminating in several ritualistic murders in San Francisco (“The Crystal Phantom Incident”).

Afterwards, the group agreed that while the new age of technology and progress would produce others that would take advantage of the innocent and those less fortunate, so too would it produce men (and women) of exemplary conduct, sterling character, and altruistic motivation. The group vowed to gather these individuals together into an organization that could serve as a shining example for humanity, and at the same time, help others to reach their potential. Their motto, “Pro Humanitae.”

Financed in large part by Doc Pendragon’s money, the organization first set up offices on the 94th Floor of the Gibson Building in Pacifico. Other offices would later follow in Center City (68th Floor of Dent Tower), and New York City (the top floor of the Chrysler Building, though meetings just a frequently occur in Pendragon’s penthouse in the Maxwell Building). Smaller, less ostentatious offices are maintained in Houston, Los Angeles, London, Munich, and in other spots around the globe.

The founders set up a trust fund, which is administered by the Society and pays for the upkeep of facilities, equipment, vehicles, support staff, and provides a small stipend to members to cover the costs of working on cases. (Though most members have other jobs or sources of income).


Membership in the Paragon Society has grown and changed over the years since its creation (though the vast majority of members that joined are still active). Members include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Donald “Doc” Pendragon, noted archaeologist, architect, and student of the occult
  • The Red Fedora—an enigmatic figure at best, the Red Fedora is never seen without his namesake hat, which always shades his eyes. He has the skills and demeanor of a PI, but there is something in his quiet, relentless competence that sometimes makes observers shudder… what would he be capable of without the Society to tether him to humanity?
  • Dr. Lloyd Merryweather, Physician and scientist
  • Dr. Hephaestus Duncan Hix, scientist, inventor, and Pulp Sci Fi writer
  • Agent Alpha, “America’s First Line of Defense”
  • Lady Xoc Hidalgo, heiress to Hildalgo fortune and Queen of the Jaguars
  • Dr. Katherine Durant, eminent physicist and chemist
  • Phalen, the mysterious expert on “monsters”
  • Charlotte “Charlie” Steele, daredevil pilot, stuntwoman, and dilettante
  • Pandora Chase, internationally syndicated reporter, possessed of a strange luck
  • Sebastian Winterbourne, world-renowned hunter and tracker
  • Helen White, Raider of Tombs and acquirer of rare artifacts
  • The Gambler, a mysterious figure who “goes where fate takes him,” he has helped the society on numerous cases.

Paragon Society

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