Known Powers:

  • Shrinking (past 1/4 inch)
  • Telepathy
  • Energy Absorbtion
  • Super Intelligence

Parasite is a former supervillain that took advantage of the government amnesty offered following the pirate invasion. During the fighting, he teamed up with 4 other supervillains and formed an effective fighting unit. The five fought so well together, and so effectively protected the citizenry that they decided to remain together after the war as the “hero group” Recon.

Recon bases itself in Charleston South Carolina – and in accordance with the terms of their pardon, they have registered their activity with the region’s sanctioned group the Vanguard.

It has been proven that Recon was merely acting as heroes – battling only their rivals in taking over Organized Criminal Activity in Charleston. When proof of their criminal activity was delivered into the hands of Captain Keer, they kidnapped the captain. The Vanguard quickly learned the truth and rescued the captain.

Parasite Escaped capture after the battle with the Vanguard.

He was later encountered in NYC with a number of other villains during a jewell robbery. He was captured and delivered to MEDUSA.


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