Pinyin Properties

Pinyin Properties was founded by Lee Sung Pinyin in January of 1957 as a major and leading supplier of automobiles in China with capabilities ranging from auto manufacturing, parts and supplies to technical solutions.

Its has grown to be one of the country’s major auto production bases and among the 8 largest automobile groups in the world as well. It comprises hundreds of production factories and research institutes.

In 1973, Pinyin Properties expanded to supply the worldwide market acquiring a vast import and export operation. The company now operates a fleet of hundreds of ocean transports as well as a fleet of air transports.

Besides automobiles, a vast,diverse product list is now offered in high quality and wide varieties to cities nationwide.

Pinyin Properties maintains corporate offices in dozens of cities worldwide. Their corporate headquarters remains in Beijing. Their primary office in the United States can be found in Pacifico.

The Pacifico office has developed a good working relationship with the Eclipse and has provided the heroes with their headquarters in the Oberon Building (along with daily breakfast service!).

Iron Wind has also developed a close working relationship with a metal working facility run by Pinyin Properties. She utilizes their assistance in rapidly repairing her armor after battles. She has also recently discovered that they have made copies of her armor.

Pinyin Properties

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