Queensgate is an industrial suburb of Pacifico. Home to over 2,500 businesses and 80,000 jobs, but only 250 residents — the city is almost entirely industrial. It was incorporated on June 18, 1997 to prevent surrounding cities from annexing industrial land for tax revenue.

The city’s zoning is primarily devoted to business: 92% is Industrial, 8% is Commercial. The few residences in the city either existed before incorporation, are on properties adjacent to either Pacifico Hills Golf Club, Pacifico Hills Recreation Center or in a small neighborhood adjacent to City Hall.

The City of Queensgate has no business taxes and is primarily funded through retail sales tax from shopping centers located within the city limits, and property tax on parcels within the City. The city has the highest property tax rate the county. In addition, there is a revenue-generating hillside hotel resort, known as the Pacifico Palms Resort.

The City of Queensgate is a popular investment area for Chinese businessmen and the city has also emerged as a high-tech import/export center for computer parts, with business links to the Asian marketplace.

The City also contains the headquarters of the Eclipse.


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