The Reavers are a non-sanctioned Superhero group located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania nominally under the jurisdiction of the Multi Forces.

Original members included: Bora and Whiteout, Supernova, Titan, and ArcLight. This hero group was discovered to be a RAT cell. They were revealed when they kidnapped the hero Astrid at the request of an unknown employer (agents included Spyder, Wildcat, and The Oracle).

Following their disappearance in Harrisburg, MEDUSA opted to put a new team in place to protect the area and hunt for the RAT terrorists. The new membership is led by the Knight Errant and includes the Librarian, Pariah, and the Medic

Former ‘ fuzzy’ Kelly Palmer has joined the team as the hero DayDream.

Longhorn “Tex” is officially on on the Reavers roster, but has temporarily been assigned to the new Pacifico group to lend them some experience and expertise.


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