Recon is an effect of the fallout of the Space Pirate Invasion. At that time many governments, including the United States, offered amnesty to their supercriminals if they would assist in the war effort. Many accepted, and some rehabilitated afterwards, but the vast majority returned to their criminal activities.

Then there’s Recon — a quintet of criminals who met fighting the aliens and decided to stay together. Immediately after the invasion these five became an unsanctioned hero group operating out of Charleston South Carolina.

Following the terms of their pardon, Recon reports their activity to the Sanctioned hero group responsible for the area in which they operate – in the case of South Carolina, The Vanguard.

The most recent membership of Recon is: Master Zero, Parasite, Firefall, Devilspawn, and Sequoya.

Recon had periodically fallen out of touch with their local Police liason Captain Albert Keer, and had been accused of witholding evidence. More seriously, they have caused the death of several low-level offenders during combat.

They has also been accused by supervillain Black Diamond of falsifying evidence against him – and actually being guilty of the crimes that he is accused of.

All charges against Recon were proven to be true following their kidnapping of Captain Keer. Recon was defeated by the Vanguard. All member with the exception of Parasite have been captured and incarcerated in the South Carolina Metahuman Incarceration Facility.

Parasite’s current whereabouts are unknown


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